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Easier than ever experience to import data from SharePoint List

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We are excited to announce the public preview of easier than ever import from SharePoint List experience. You can easily transform your SharePoint Lists into Dataverse Tables and Copilot ready canvas apps in a single experience. Moreover, when Copilot is enabled, it will assist with your table creation by providing the best fitting table names, descriptions, along with selecting appropriate column data types based on the list data.  This makes it possible to bring your own data to the platform and establish your business apps in just a few clicks.

How does the new experience work?

Simply navigate to the home page, select Start with data, then Create with SharePoint List. Choose an existing SharePoint connection or establish a new connection to your desired SharePoint account. Next, enter your desired SharePoint URL or pick one of your recent sites and select a list.  You will then see a preview of your table, where you can review and edit your table schema before selecting Create app to create a Dataverse table and responsive canvas app.

Once you select Create app, we will create a Dataverse table based on your table configuration from the previous step, and then generate a responsive canvas app using that table. Depending on the size of your data, you might not see all of your data in the canvas app right away. This is because we want to unblock the creation of your app by uploading the top 20 rows of your data first. The remaining data will be uploaded in the background, and you can always proceed to the table hub or table designer to review the progress.

Import your data more easily with Copilot

When Copilot is enabled, it will assist with your table creation by selecting appropriate column data types. Copilot is able to detect different formats within text data types as well such as phone number and email. It will also auto-populate choices in the column metadata when bring over choice columns from SharePoint Lists.

When a table is generated leveraging Copilot, a card will show up to the left, indicating AI has assisted with the creation of this table. You can also give us feedback on how Copilot is doing so we can further improve our modeling in the future.

What’s next?

You can learn more about the experience here.

This is just the first step of the new import from SharePoint List experience. We are actively working on supporting more scenarios at scale towards general availability, and we’d love your feedback!

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