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Dynamics 365 data and interactions stored in Dataverse can now be used as triggers that activate a personalized customer journey for individual contacts based on their tracked activities. Each journey can include multiple touch points to automate interactions, implement decision making, and perform other automated actions that increase customer engagement.

With new Dynamics real-time marketing features, marketing journeys can be activated with event triggers for routine actions, such as creating a Dynamics record or updating values ​​in fields between contacts, leads, cases and other tables.

Real-time marketing triggers are defined in an intuitive interface without the need for custom development or integration. You can also closely monitor eligibility conditions using conditional triggers. For example, a trip can only be started if a case record with “high” priority is created, or if the forecast opportunity value exceeds the specified amount. Event triggers are connected to the appropriate client path using a Power Automate flow. This means that the flow receives the initial data values ​​that are updated before calling the client path to pass that data and run the necessary actions. Many teams can use this feature in a number of ways to automate workflows based on travel management analytics. Contact us to find out how real-time marketing and event triggers could work for your organization.

Marketing Evolve the way you communicate with customers and prospects with Dynamics 365 Real-Time Marketing. In addition to segmentation, it initiates journeys based on the real-time activities of your customers. With artificial intelligence and natural language input assistance, business users can create event-driven journeys that reach customers across multiple touch points and develop relationships with prospects through sales and support. Demo/Webinar Page – Create real-time customer journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Create custom triggers to organize your trip Multiple customer journeys can now be connected more easily by including custom event triggers at any relevant points in the journey. Inside the travel canvas, a new box fires an event trigger at the appropriate location. Additional journeys or Power Automate flows associated with the event trigger are triggered as soon as the client reaches that point. Custom event triggers, available only in real-time marketing, can be used in endorsement campaigns, application processes, affiliate programs and many other scenarios to connect two or more journeys.

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