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Dynamics 365 Human Resources in 2022 release wave 2

In this video, we highlight new capabilities that will be released for Dynamics 365 Finance, HR & Operations in the 2022 Release Wave 2. These new capabilities will enhance the ability of organizations to maximize financial visibility and profitability, create a workplace where people and business thrive and connect their project-centric business in one application.

Overview of Dynamics 365 Human Resources 2022 release wave 2: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2022wave2/human-resources/dynamics365-human-resources/

What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Benefits management

Benefits management supports various benefit options, including an easy-to-use employee experience that showcases your benefit offerings.

FeatureEnabled forPublic previewGeneral availability
Use bulk editing in benefits management administrationUsers by admins, makers, or analystsJan 2023
Benefits notifications inform employees about key eventsUsers by admins, makers, or analysts Sep 7, 2022Jan 2023

Integrations and extensibility

See the new integrations and features that streamline custom integrations in Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

FeatureEnabled forPublic previewGeneral availability
Integrate training data from learning management providersUsers by admins, makers, or analystsOct 2022
Enable resource management integrationUsers by admins, makers, or analystsJan 2023

Leave and absence

Create new leave plans, workflows for managing requests, and more with Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

FeatureEnabled forPublic previewGeneral availability
Flexible management of employee leaveUsers by admins, makers, or analystsOct 2022Jan 2023

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