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Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations extends out-of-the-box country coverage in Latin America

Our customers run Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations applications globally and must meet multiple tax compliance and other regulatory and local business practice requirements (we call them localizations). These requirements are complex and change frequently, especially in many countries within Latin America (LATAM).

As a part of our continuous commitment to customers and partners and following our strategy of expanding the out-of-the-box country coverage, in 2023 release wave 1, we will ship localizations for seven additional LATAM countries: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay.

Microsoft localizations for these new countries were built in collaboration with Finnie, S.A., an affiliate of Artware SRL based on their LATAM localization solution. To better align with other Microsoft out-of-the-box localizations, this third party localization solution was redesigned utilizing the rich capabilities of Globalization Studio tools and services and integrated into  Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics 365 Project Operations applications.

This expansion helps LATAM and global partners to focus more on delivering extra value to customers by extending these out-of-the-box localizations from Microsoft to meet more specific vertical or other customer requirements which might be different in each country. Our flexible, easy-to-use Globalization Studio tools and services make localization easier to extend and maintain for Microsoft partners and customers.

With this release, we are extending the out-of-the-box support to 51 countries/regions and 67 languages. Together with partner localization solutions and our no-code/low-code Globalization Studio tools and services, this expansion makes it easier for our customers to run their businesses globally (currently our customers use Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations applications in over 200 countries/regions).

LATAM Country Localization Overview

The new LATAM localizations have over a hundred new features covering key globalization areas in Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics 365 Project Operations, including:

  • tax determination and calculation,
  • electronic invoicing and invoicing processes,
  • tax audit and reporting,
  • banking and payments,
  • business documents,
  • and other areas (like fixed assets localization, etc.)

Our solution also contains cross-LATAM features which have common functionalities for the new countries in LATAM. These common features include tax setup and master data, invoice processing from various sources (sales orders, purchase orders, projects, etc.), common tax reports, and check and payment processing among other features. These cross-LATAM features reduce duplication, so only country-specific features, like electronic invoice formats, reports and business document layouts belong to a given country localization.

A sneak peek on localization for Chile

The first country localization released is Chile. We made it available in Public Preview in version 10.0.33 (the “May” release).

As for any localization, localization-specific fields, and functionality work on a LE (Legal Entity) basis, so to enable the Chilean localization you need to choose Chile as Primary address for your LE. As any new functionality in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, the new localizations for LATAM are under Feature management, so you will need to enable “(Preview) LATAM globalization expansion” feature to see it.  

graphical user interface, table
Sales Order in Chilean Legal Entity

After you have completed the setup, you will see LATAM and Chile-specific user interface elements in your LE. For example, a LATAM tab is displayed on the Sales Order form in the associated screenshot. Within the LATAM tab, region-specific fields for processing the invoice have been added.

The feature populates all required data to produce an Electronic Invoice for Chile and generate required tax reports.

Sales tax report for Chile


We are releasing the localizations for the Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay as Public Previews first. Later, based on customer and partner feedback, we will make them generally available. You can find more details on the timeline and the list of features in the 2023 release wave 1 plan.

Call for action

We value your feedback please take part in Public Previews as the new LATAM localizations become available per our release plan! And stay tuned we are planning a Tech Talk to cover these localizations in more detail and more!

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