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Dynamics 365 CRM, Mailchimp, Location Data Integration: Find Your Perfect Customers Faster


Just like that… half of December is over and everybody worldwide is counting the days until the holidays begin. Plans are in place, tickets are booked but talk to a marketing guy and he’ll tell you that the pre-holiday events are far from over and he needs every hand possible to balance the added workload.

One such employee in need is Obray. He is the go-to Marketing guy for a mid-sized organization in Houston. He oversees a pre-holiday Christmas bash for clients and partners in multiple Texas cities. Obray has a dedicated team working with him but being the oldest marketer, he knows the shenanigans inside out. You would think as Obray is working day and night, is called for every silly query, and is answerable for the promotions and arrangements, must be complaining of high-stress levels. Actually, no! Agreed he would welcome as much physical help as possible at the locations but Obray is a smart cookie using Maplytics and Marketing4Dynamics together for his promotional activities!

Before we get into knowing how exactly, let us have a look first at what Marketing4Dynamics exactly is!

Marketing4Dynamics is a productivity app providing integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and Mailchimp. It syncs Mailchimp and Dynamics 365 CRM customers along with their marketing statistics data ensuring easy and quick access to information without navigating from one application to another.

Complete details of campaigns and other member activities executed through Mailchimp are made available within Dynamics 365 CRM. This gives an advantage while planning and executing marketing activities and increases the productivity of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users.

Some important features of Marketing4Dynamics are-

Sync Mailchimp Audiences, Members, and Tags to CRM

Marketing4Dynamics allows a user to sync Mailchimp’s audience and tags, as well as its members, to Dynamics 365 CRM and map them to CRM marketing lists.

Sync Contacts/Leads from CRM to Mailchimp

Synching CRM Marketing List members with Mailchimp using Marketing4Dynamics proves helpful while planning campaigns and marketing activities targeting these customers in CRM.

Sync Mailchimp Campaigns and Activities to CRM

Marketing4Dynamics enables the syncing of campaigns and member activities such as Open, Sent, Click, Unsubscribed, and Bounced of Mailchimp to Dynamics 365 CRM.

Dashboard & Reporting

Using dashboards, Marketing4Dynamics can directly provide graphical representations of campaign and member activities like Open, Sent, Click, Unsubscribed, and Bounced in the CRM.

Overall, M4D is a bridge between Dynamics 365 CRM and Mailchimp and eases out campaign execution from both ends. Now that we are acquainted with M4D, let’s add Maplytics as well to the picture!

Teaming up of Dynamics 365 CRM, Mailchimp, M4D, and Maplytics

Obray and his organization have been avid Microsoft CRM Users since the very beginning. With the expansion of business, they added Maplytics to their app suite. Obray plans his activities using Maplytics. He plots the clients and partners expected to be the guests at the events on the map from Dynamics 365 CRM. Later, checking the density of the client population, Obray picks up convenient event venues. He lists multiple options and gets the best and most affordable one approved by the management.

Once the venue is settled, Obray connects with the caterers, decorators, florists, etc. near the venue using POI Location and Radius Search. Since he plans the events at multiple places sitting in Houston, this visualization comes in handy. The best vendors are shortlisted and finalized.

The vendors need to travel to the venue multiple times. Thus, Obray’s team uses Route Optimization and helps them with routes from their warehouses, offices, markets, nearby highways, stations, etc. Places such as nearest hardware stores, grocery stores, medical facilities, fire stations, gas stations, etc. are also searched for and noted with turn-by-turn directions in case of emergencies by the team!

Obray also utilizes the Marketing list in Maplytics. Since the locations are different, the right promotional campaigns need to be run for the right audiences. Hence, creating separate Marketing lists for separate locations helps in sending the right promotional material to the right people.

Obray uses Mailchimp to design his promotional material, create and send invitation mailers, and track the emails sent. Although Obray manages the contacts in Mailchimp, not all of his CRM records especially the holiday rush records are updated in Mailchimp. The records within the CRM keep increasing every day but not all of them get updated in Mailchimp automatically! This is where Obray utilizes Marketign4Dynamics while executing the pre-holiday bash campaign.

The new CRM Records of clients and leads get synched with Mailchimp. The missing audience, tags, and members from CRM get synced with Dynamics CRM. CRM is already synced with Marketing Lists in Maplytics thus, forming a complete integration. The designed campaigns, mailers, newsletters, and invites are all sent using Mailchimp.

Obray uses M4D to access the campaign during and post-execution. He generates reports after sending every piece of communication to check the number of clients and leads that have opened the sent piece, unsubscribed to further communication, the piece sent has bounced back, and more! This analytical report helps Obray in modifying the next set of communications to be sent, which locations to concentrate on, the date and time of sending the communication, and a lot more!

Obray may seem to be under pressure and running in between the bash venues with his team to look after the arrangements and set up, but he is relaxed at the back of his mind that his communication, promotion, and invitation are all managed well. Just like Obray, every swamped employee can utilize Marketing4Dynamics with Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM as a permanent fix for efficient Marketing.

What’s More?

Maplytics is like water that can be molded into any role. To get more acquainted and experience it first-hand, one can write to crm@inogic.com To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the Team.

For applied knowledge, do visit our Website or Microsoft AppSource. One can hop on to the detailed BlogsClient TestimonialsSuccess StoriesIndustry Applications, and Video Library for a quick query resolution.

Until then,

Happy Hustling!

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