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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Enhanced Email Capability

The enhanced email capability is currently a preview feature in Business Central (full release planned for 2021 Wave 2).  You can see if it’s currently enabled on the ‘Feature Management’ page in Business Central.  It is the new email feature that will be replacing the current SMTP email that you setup on the ‘SMTP Mail Setup’ window.  Instead of SMTP with Basic auth, it will utilize native integration with Office 365Exchange online.  This will be the default email setup for all tenants after the 2021 Fall update (wave 2 2021).

Documentation can be found here:
Set up email in Business Central – Business Central | Microsoft Docs

Many people are already using the new email capabilities and I wanted to put out a list of tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Once the Enhanced Email Capability feature is enabled, you no longer use the ‘SMTP Mail Setup’ window at all. Nothing you have on that page matters.  Setup will now be done on the ‘Email Accounts’ page.
  • Your users must have Office 365 with Email (Exchange Online) to utilize the ‘Current user’ or ‘Shared Mailbox’ accounts. There is an SMTP option on the ‘Email Accounts’ page for integration with 3rd party or legacy email providers.
  • You only need to setup the ‘Current User’ option once, not for every individual user. It doesn’t matter who sets it up, if it’s there it will attempt to send emails out as the currently signed in user for whatever scenarios are assigned to it.
  • If you have a user getting an error sending an email for ‘Current User’ account, have that user navigate to the “Email Accounts” page and send a test email. This can force the OAuth token to refresh, which may be required under certain conditions.
  • The ‘Notification’ scenario is the scenario that dictates workflow notification emails.
  • You can setup multiple Email Accounts and assign scenarios to them. If you want all emails to send out as the current user, set that account as the default.  If you then wanted just sales quotes to send out from a shared mailbox, you’d setup the Shared Mailbox email account and then assign the ‘Sales Quote’ scenario to it. This allows you to have multiple different email accounts sending emails out for various email ‘scenarios’ defined in the product.

As of the time of writing this blog, the ‘Sent Emails’ window will only display emails that the currently signed in user sent.  This may change in a future update. 

This is a new feature and the Dev team is looking for suggestions on how to improve it.  Please vote on, or submit your ideas on the ideas site – https://aka.ms/bcideas

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