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Discover why over 20 million PSTN users trust Microsoft Teams Phone

Good things happen when you integrate smart, reliable calling into the flow of work. The flexible and intelligent capabilities of Teams Phone empower your team to create rich engagements, increase productivity, and save time.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing this Teams-native calling solution is secure, simple to manage, and can scale to the needs of your business.

We just announced that we reached the milestone of over 20 million Teams Phone Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) users —all with a phone number assigned using Operator Connect, Direct Routing, Teams Calling Plans, Teams Phone Mobile, or a combination of these options.

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Every day, customers like Deutsche Bank, Reed, and Isuzu trust Teams Phone to keep their businesses connected. This milestone was made possible with the invaluable contributions of our customers and partners. And as we continue delivering smart, flexible, and reliable calling experiences, we want to share our gratitude to everyone who has been on this with us. Thank you for your feedback, ideas, and collaboration

Calling that fits the ways you work

Regardless of where you’re calling from or the device you’re using, we continue to invest in making Teams Phone more intuitive and accessible to serve a wide range of calling needs.

  • Flexible communications for frontline workers: Teams Phone keeps frontline workers mobile and connected with dedicated numbers and devices, making it a versatile solution for various industries and job functions. For instance, a retail store associate can easily respond to customer inquiries about product specifications and availability, or nurses can directly connect with their patients from anywhere, across devices.
  • Teams Phone Mobile: To make it easier to communicate on the go, Teams Phone Mobile gives you a single number across both Teams and the native dialer on your mobile device. We recently announced several new partners including AT&T, Odido, Virgin Media O2, and Vodafone UK will begin offering Teams Phone Mobile later this year, providing expanding coverage and choice. 
  • Voice isolation: When you need to join a call or meeting from a noisy location, voice isolation can help ensure that only your voice is heard. Once you complete a short enrollment process, this AI-based advanced noise suppression will isolate your voice and eliminate all other background noise—including other people’s voices. Voice isolation is now generally available.

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Create meaningful engagements with an intelligent and connected calling solution

Sometimes a phone call can make all the difference, helping you drive clarity and make decisions more quickly. Teams Phone gives you intelligent capabilities that connect your business and enable you to keep up with the pace of work.

  • Copilot in Teams Phone: Use the power of AI to work more flexibly and intelligently, automating the administrative tasks of a call, such as capturing key points, task owners, and next steps, so you can stay focused on the discussion. Copilot in Teams Phone supports both VoIP and PSTN calls and is available to use during or after a call in the Calls app.


  • Intelligent call recap: One of the best meetings features will soon be available for calling. Intelligent call recap can provide AI-powered insights and recaps of your VoIP and PSTN calls in Teams. This feature will be generally available later this year with a Teams Premium or Copilot license.

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  • Queues app: The new Queues app creates a workspace for both supervisors and employees engaging with customer calls. When a call comes into the queue, users are notified and assigned with the options to accept or transfer the call. Supervisors can add users to different queues, supervise queues, manage workloads, monitor performance, and train team members to better engage with customers. The Queues app is currently available in private preview and will be generally available later this year as part of Teams Premium.


Enjoy peace of mind with a reliable and secure calling solution that is easy to manage

We understand how valuable simplicity, reliability, and consistency are to our customers. Teams Phone delivers on the promise of reliable PSTN service that is simple for any organization to deploy.

  • Financially-backed 99.999% service level agreement: As a signal of our commitment to deliver calling that works when you need it, we recently increased our Teams Phone service level agreement to reflect a 99.999 percent financially-backed uptime guarantee, which covers Microsoft Teams Calling Plans, Teams Phone, and Audio Conferencing.
  • Survivable calling capabilities: In order to preserve business continuity it’s useful to have a backup plan to stay connected in the event of a network outage. A Survivable Branch Appliance permits users to continue placing and receiving PSTN calls, even when offline. We continue to expand our survivable calling capabilities. Starting next quarter, Teams Phone SBAs will support call transfer, forwarding, and incoming calls from call queues or auto attendants.. 
  • Shared calling: With shared calling, a single phone number and calling plan can be shared by a group of users – whether it’s a team of 10 people in a small office or 10,000 users in an enterprise department. Admins can easily enable users to make and receive calls in Teams, saving deployment and management time.

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Get started with Teams Phone

Learn more about how Teams Phone can help your organization stay connected and productive. Get started today with a Teams Phone trial or connect with your Microsoft account team or a certified partner to learn more about deploying Teams Phone.

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