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Discover the latest enhancements in Microsoft Shifts

Enhancing frontline manager productivity remains a critical priority for countless organizations and Microsoft. We are excited to introduce a range of new Shifts features to further empower our frontline heroes through seamless evolution that aligns perfectly with your ever-changing needs, all thanks to your invaluable feedback. Let’s unwrap some of the highlights.

1. People Count Display on Shifts Calendar

Frontline managers (FLM) can now make informed staffing decisions with the introduction of the people count displayed on the Shifts calendar. This feature provides a clear view of staffing levels, ensuring that the right workforce is scheduled for the day, week, or month. Managers can now see the scheduled people count at both the team, and schedule group levels.

People Count Teams.png

Schedule Teams.png

2. Core UX Improvements

We’ve streamlined the user experience with some core improvements:

1) Full Name Display: Team members’ full names are now visible in the team schedule. This helps managers quickly identify staff members by their full names, even when names are lengthy, by toggling profile pictures on/off.

Full name1.gif

2) Saving Last Used Filter: We understand that frontline managers and workers use various filters to customize their Shifts view. Our latest feature automatically saves the last used filter, so when users relaunch the Shifts app, their preferred view from the last session is readily available.

3) Shifts notes in Day view: Day view shows the shift notes inline, which helps managers save time.

3. Manager-Controlled Settings

Frontline Managers now have additional controls on team-level settings that provide the ability to control all our Shifts marketplace and visibility capabilities.

Manager Controlled Settings1.gif

1) Visibility controls: Frontline managers can control shift information visibility for their Frontline Workers (FLW).


Limited Past Views: Managers can restrict how far back FLWs can view their coworkers’ schedules, ensuring historical data privacy.


When FLM configure the past schedule view up to certain months – FLWs cannot see other’s schedules beyond the configured duration.

2023-12-11 10_47_37-.jpg

Generic Time Off View: FLWs can see their colleagues’ time off in a generic way, without access to specific reasons and notes.


When FLM’s disable the visibility of time off reason and notes – FLWs see a generic time off reason of other FLW’s.

Generic Time Off View.png

Limited Shift Details: Managers can limit the level of detail available to FLWs about their coworkers’ schedules, excluding sensitive information like Shift notes, Activities, and break duration.

When FLM’s disable the visibility of shift notes, activities, break duration – FLWs cannot see the shift details of other FLWs.

Limited Shift View.png

2) Shifts marketplace controls: Your organization can pace the journey towards frontline self-serve capabilities through your frontline managers ability to choose which capabilities should be offered to their workers. We have added the following new controls:

Swap shift requests: Frontline managers can decide if workers can create requests to swap their shifts with other coworkers. The requests require managers’ approval before becoming effective on the Shifts calendar.


Offer shift requests: Frontline managers can decide if workers can create requests to offer their shifts to another coworker. The requests require managers’ approval before becoming effective on the Shifts calendar.

Time off requests: Frontline managers can decide if workers can create requests for time off work. The requests require managers’ approval before becoming effective on the Shifts calendar.


4. Graph API for Day Notes

Now, managers have the flexibility to add day notes using the Graph API, in addition to the Shifts app. This powerful capability allows customers to seamlessly integrate relevant day notes from third-party, or line-of-business applications, enhancing the Shifts experience.

dayNote resource type – Microsoft Graph beta | Microsoft Learn


5. Import and export time offs and open shifts into Excel

Managers using Shifts web and desktop applications are now allowed to import not only assigned shifts, but also open shifts and time offs from Excel into Shifts. Additionally, these same schedule entities will be supported when managers export a schedule in a format compatible to the import.

Import Export Time Offs and Open Shifts into Excel.png

What’s coming next –

Setting Availability by date: Frontline workers can set their availability on specific dates in addition to their recurring availability.

These enhancements are a result of listening to your feedback, and we’re committed to continuing to improve Shifts to meet your evolving needs. We hope these new features empower your frontline teams and streamline your workforce management processes.

We value your input! Please take a moment to share your thoughts via this brief survey and include your email for any further queries. We’re eager to connect with you!

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