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Discover and assign the Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features license



This article only applies if you bought a Microsoft 365 E3 Original subscription through an Enterprise Agreement (EA). If this applies to you, you now see the Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features product on the Licenses page in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

As part of your Microsoft 365 E3 Original subscription, your organization now has access to the Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features license at no additional cost. This license enables the following features for your users:

  • Bing Chat EnterpriseAn AI-powered copilot for the web, with commercial data protection. It ensures user and business data are protected, won’t leak outside the organization and won’t be used to train the large language models.
  • Microsoft Clipchamp A video editing tool for anyone to create professional-looking videos, even with no prior experience.
  • Microsoft LoopA co-creation app that lets teams bring together all the parts of a project in one place and collaborate across the apps and devices they already use.
  • Avatars for TeamsA service that lets users create personalized avatars for Teams meetings that express their appearance, style, or mood for the day.
  • Windows AutopatchA service that manages and automates Windows 10, Windows 11, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 software updates.

Assign the Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features license to users

To use any of the features provided by Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features, you must assign a license for it to your Microsoft 365 E3 users. We recommend that you assign the license to your users as soon as possible, so that they can use the features and improve their Microsoft 365 experience.

You can use any of the following ways to assign the licenses:

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