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Direct inbound calling: Premier support made easy

Jamie is an IT admin working on managing Contoso’s IT services. Because his work is mission critical, he has a premier support account with the IT infrastructure provider. This includes direct technical support access to a specific support agent with deep knowledge of Jamie’s setup and requirements.  

Jamie is working on enabling a new service in production. He knows there is some risk that he may run into an issue in the process. It gives Jamie peace of mind that he is only one call away from contacting a domain expert with knowledge of his setup if needed. 

Introducing direct inbound calling in Dynamics 365 Customer Service 

Many customer contact centers have scenarios where the ability to contact a specific agent via phone is critical. Handling such setups via workstreams is very cumbersome and not recommended. 

The voice channel in Dynamics 365 Customer Service now provides the ability to configure direct callbacks with just a few clicks. Organizations can set up callbacks using either a default inbound profile as a configuration that can apply to all enabled agents, or specific inbound profiles for select agents. These configurations can account for special behavior settings requirements that differ from the default, e.g., agents that handle sensitive account data vs. technical customer support. Inbound profiles are modeled after existing outbound profiles, which make it intuitive to configure and manage both within the same admin UI.


Here are some important concepts to know when you are configuring direct inbound calling: 

  • To enable direct inbound calling, assign a personal phone number to an agent and associate the capacity profile defined in the default inbound profile. 
  • You can specify call behaviors for one or a set of agents. 
  • Agent names are listed with phone numbers for easy agent number lookup when configuring inbound profiles. 
  • Personal agent voice mail receives calls made directly to an agent’s phone number when the agent is unavailable. 

Create personal support experiences and relationships with direct calling 

Back at Contoso, Jamie is running into a service deployment issue. Normally, this would make him very nervous as he is on the clock to finish the deployment over the weekend. What makes the difference for him is that he can simply contact support agent Ana via a direct phone call. Ana knows about the Contoso deployment and is available to take the direct call and help Jamie. She decides to stay on the call with Jamie during the rest of the deployment. Jamie loves that personalized service and is super happy that he went with this IT infrastructure provider. 

For more information, read the documentation: Set up inbound calling for the voice channel | Microsoft Learn 

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