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Difference between Project Operations Deployment Types


Now, as you know that there are the following 3 types of Project Operations Deployments –

  1. Project Operations Lite (Deal to Proforma Invoicing).
  2. Project Operations for resource/non-stocked scenarios.
  3. Project Operations for production/stocked scenarios.

To keep the comparison understandable and simple, let’s review the below in a short summary.


Project Operations LiteProject Operations for Resource/Non-stockedProject Operations for Production/Stocked
Finance & Operations module is not setupFinance & Operations setup is requiredFinance & Operations Setup is required
No Dual Write IntegrationDual Write Integration is required.Dual Write Integration is required.
Up to Pro-forma Invoicing is availablePro-forma Invoicing in PO and Customer-facing Invoicing in F&OFull Invoicing in F&O
Basic ExpenseBasic and Full Expense with Receipt OCRFull Expense with Receipt OCR

Hope this quick summary was useful. I’ll continue adding more to this article over time.

Here’s official Microsoft Documentation for full deployment guidance with questionnaire –

Thank you!

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