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Developer environment and plan now available in Sovereign clouds

We’re thrilled to announce that the Power Apps Developer Plan is now available in sovereign clouds starting with GCC and later this year will be available in GCCH and DOD.

Developer Plan is needed to get Developer Environments, which offer personalized spaces for makers to experiment, innovate, and build. They provide premium capabilities like Dataverse and premium connectors at no additional cost. These environments also adhere to your organization’s default Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy for security. Striking a balance between control and empowerment.

How to get started?

As a Tenant level admin can create a developer environment on behalf of the maker and assign them as an owner. The owner will get a developer environment which they can use as personal space to explore and build. An admin will be able to create up to 3 developer environments for each owner. If no owner is selected the developer environment is created for the admin that is using this experience. These environments also get auto cleaned up in in case of 90 days of inactivity, making it easier for admins to manage. These multiple environments can be used to try capabilities like Pipelines and Application Lifecycle Management.

Tenant Level admin experience

These environments are unmanaged by default and can be made managed on tenant admin’s choice. On doing so managed environment policies will apply to Developer environments.

If your tenant admin has turned on developer environment creation for ‘Everyone’, you can also get environment through your Power Platform Admin center. By default, it is set to ‘Only Specific admin’. In addition, these environments can be reset in order to start fresh and can also be directly copied to other developer or sandbox environments. Learn more.

It’s important to note that these environments require a developer plan. If the developer plan is blocked by an admin, the developer environment won’t be created. Admin can manage this plan

Learn more: 

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