Dataverse Summit 2021

Microsoft Dataverse Summit
From Thursday 18th To Sat 20th November 2021
Orchestrate LOB apps using the Power Platform bundle
Manish Luhana - Power Platform Solutions Architect

In this session, attendees will learn how Power Platform (as a low code/no-code platform) can be leveraged to create LOB apps surrounding the business processes quickly by using the existing Microsoft 365 licenses in an organization. A complete walkthrough of all the capabilities of Power Apps in action using - Power App, Power Automate, Power [...]

Storage and Dataverse
Gopinatha Reddy - Storage and Dataverse

Would like to give a session on Legacy and New Storage, Benefits with New Storage, Capacity Scenarios, Free up storage space of Database, File and Log, Capacity Purchase and an overview on Dataverse.

Power BI For Dataverse Tips
Elin Eve - Data Analyst

Power Bi, Data verse and complex Dax

Design quick Integration using dataverse
Muhammad Mustajab - CE Technical & Power Platform Consultant

Dataverse give us a common ground that can help us to acccess all our application in our tenant and integrate them. How we can do that? This session will answer that 🙂

Set up Spkl for automated deployment
Benedikt Bergmann - Power Platform Consultant

In this session, you will learn how to set up Spkl (task runner) to be able to automate your deployment. This includes deployment of Web resources as well as Plugins. We even take a look at a muti assembly set-up.

Understand API Limits and Entitlements
Gustaf Westerlund - Principal Consultant, MVP

Dataverse API Limits and the planned upcoming Entitlement limits are necessary to understand when moving a lot of data to and from Dataverse. I have been part of several multimillion row migrations and have hands on experience on how to handle this which I will share in this session. We start by getting a baseline [...]

Dynamics 365 Sales and Field Service for SMB
Ove Bristrand - Digital Business Advisor

From customer projects will I share experience how to implement and use Dynamics 365 modules Sales and Field Service for smaller companies. I am in this session going to take away the misunderstanding that Dynamics 365 is only for medium and large enterprises.

Filling Excel file dynamically with Power Automate
Benedikt Bergmann - Power Platform Consultant

In this session, you will learn how to dynamically fill an Excel file using Data from Dataverse and SharePoint as the temporary storage. The file will then be sent via E-Mail to the right recipient.

Getting started with Fiddler for Dataverse
Benedikt Bergmann - Power Platform Consultant

In this session, we will take a look at fiddler and how it could be used to speed up your frontend development for Dataverse by injecting the local version of your web resources into your browser. This will eliminate the need of deploying them whenever you make changes during development.

Create a Dataverse Repository set up like an MVP
Benedikt Bergmann - Power Platform Consultant

In this session, you will learn how to set up your Dataverse repository like an MVP. We will talk about the folder structure, plugin projects as well as TypeScript set-up. The structure will include places to store other parts like unpacked solutions or Azure components.

Automation in the Dataverse
Chad Althaus - Solution Architect Low Code Digital Transformation

In this session we’ll discuss how to build automated processes for your Dataverse solutions. We’ll go from basic to somewhat more advanced, covering a range of questions that newbies and D365CE veterans alike can benefit from. Power Automate or classic workflows? Which Dataverse connector? How can I use the new Dataverse connector successfully? We’ll address [...]

Understanding Dataverse for Teams
Rebekka Aalbers-de Jong - Technology Consultant

In this session Rebekka will share everything you need to know about Dataverse for Teams - the deep integration between Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform. From configuring a relational data model, building apps, flows & bots and understanding the specifics around security and permissions.

Dataverse permissions demystified
Rebekka Aalbers-de Jong - Technology Consultant

Dataverse is packed full of security concepts. Dataverse for Teams inherits some of these concepts in a lightweight version. In this session we will go through the different concepts. You will learn how and when to use them. We will compare the full set of capabilities in Dataverse to the lightweight set in Dataverse for [...]

Introduction to Database Design in Dataverse + Tips and tricks on design user friendly forms.
Victor Dantas - Microsoft MVP / Power Platform Consultant

In this session attendees will learn fundamentals of database design in Dataverse, along with good tips on how to setup user friendly forms and views.

Logic and Validation in Dataverse
Rachel Pang - Power Platform + Dynamics CE Functional Consultant

Yes, of course, we can do some smart thing in Dataverse, just like data validation in Excel, but it can only be better. Tables within Dataverse can take advantage of rich server-side logic and validation to ensure data quality and reduce repetitive code in each app that creates and uses data within a table. In [...]

Power Platform alternatives to SSRS reporting
Alex Shlega - Solution Architect

SSRS used to be a "go to" tool on a lot of Dynamics CRM, and, later, Power Platform projects. We used it to create reports, and it has been invaluable in developing pixel-perfect print forms. Still, it's an older technology which was much more relevant in the on-premise environments where we had access to the [...]

The Easiest Migration for Dataverse Ever
Paul Soliman - Microsoft MVP for Business Apps, CEO of Hacktiv

Do you ever wonder how can you easily migrate data from other sources to Dataverse. In this session, we will learn how to Dataflows to manage data migration from different sources going to Dataverse to achieve your current migration requirements. Dataflows are a self service data preparation tool to enable ingestion, transformation and loading of [...]

Integration Model in DataVerse
Devikumari Krishna - Solution Architect

In this Session I will talk about possible integrations in DataVerse , 1. Event to Event Hub 2. Event to Service Bus 3. Event to Webbook 4. Export to SQL 5. Export to Lake

Retrieve Data Efficiently Using the Microsoft Dataverse Connector in Power Automate
Linn Zaw Win - Technical Architect

List Rows action in Microsoft Dataverse connector is the powerful action which allows you to retrieve the data that match the selected options. In this session, you will learn about the parameters in the List Rows action and how to retrieve the data efficiently to only return the required set of data without multiple calls. [...]

Dataverse Webhooks Integrations advance scenarios (Best practices)
Adnan Samuel - Senior Solution Expert (Dataverse,Azure,PowerPlatform)

In this session, we will start with basic background of Dataverse plugins and their pipelines and moving forward with advanced integration scenarios using Azure services and PowerAutoamte. We will also compare the classic synchronous/asynchronous plugins vs webhooks, and see some differences which can help us to achieve performance and reliability. Furthermore if time permits we [...]

Power Platform Licensing Guide
Malla Reddy Gurram - Power Platform Consultant

Go to place for power platform licensing. Learn how to choose best Licensing subscriptions. What are the options better value for money when buying power platform licensing. Which package is better for Power Platform implementing organisations.

How to Automate Repetitive Processes With Power Automate Desktop Fundamental Concepts
Malla Reddy Gurram - Power Platform Consultant

What is Power Automate Desktop. How to use Power Automate Desktop. When to use Power Automate Desktop. What we can do with Power Automate Desktop. Demo Power Automate Desktop Process with an example.

Overview of Field Service architecture and the Dataverse
Abbas Khan - Field Service Solution Architect

An overview of Field Service architecture and how things work behind the scene i.e. Dataverse We will go through core entities/tables and their purpose and how they interact with each other.

Power Virtual Agents in Teams: Creating a no-code chatbot
Rishona Elijah - Power Platform Trainer and Evangelist

Meet the newest member of your team: a chatbot! Microsoft Teams makes it easy to build and deploy your own Power Virtual Agents for you and your colleagues to use. In this session we'll explore the Power Virtual Agents app for Microsoft Teams and how to get started. We’ll also take a look at Dataverse [...]

Dataverse Data Management
Geetha Chockalingam - Group Manager

In this session, we will walk through the data management strategy and approach with Microsoft Dataverse, followed by a closer look into the built-in features of the Dataverse platform. Finally, conclude with SQL and Dataverse and how to gain data insights. Co-speaker: Jeevarajan Kumar

Dataverse Data Management
Jeevarajan Kumar - Solution Architect

In this session, we will walk through the data management strategy and approach with Microsoft Dataverse, followed by a closer look into the built-in features of the Dataverse platform. Finally, conclude with SQL and Dataverse and how to gain data insights. Co-speaker: Geetha Chockalingam

Rethink App Development with Dataverse
Kym Dupuis - Power Platform Global Black Belt - EMEA

Low-Code/No-Code Platforms are very powerful tools in the hands of citizen and pro developers. But if approached with a "traditional development mindset", the ROI is greatly reduced. The Microsoft Dataverse is the key component to really accelerate application development adoption velocity in any organization. In this session we will cover: - How to rethink your [...]

PL-400: Power Platform Developer certification review
Julian Sharp - Power Platform solution architect | MCT | MVP

This session explains the scope of the PL-400 exam for Power Platform developers, reviews the objectives, explains what those objectives really mean, and directs you at resources to help you prepare for success.

Cosmos DB with Power Platform and Dataverse
Julian Sharp - Power Platform solution architect | MCT | MVP

Did you know that Power Platform can read Cosmos DB data directly using virtual tables, and can read and write Cosmos DB directly using Connectors. This session will show you how to link your app makers to Cosmos DB data

Security Concepts & Data Access in Microsoft Dataverse
Arpit Shrivastava - Microsoft MVP | MCT | Architect

One of the key features of Dataverse is its rich security model that can adapt to many business usage scenarios. This security model is only in play when there is a Dataverse database in the environment. As an administrator, you likely won't be building the entire security model yourself, but will often be involved in [...]

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