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Dataset refresh cancellation is now available in Power BI Premium

We are excited to share that cancelling an in-progress dataset refresh in Power BI Premium, Power BI Premium Per User, and Power BI Embedded just got significantly easier. A top-20 idea on Power BI Ideas (we do listen and appreciate your feedback), we acknowledge that this capability couldn’t have come soon enough for our customers. In the past, cancelling an ongoing refresh was an unreliable process that required external tools. Earlier this year, we released the Enhanced refresh with Power BI REST API, that – in addition to XMLA based refreshes – allows refresh cancellation. However, it required the refresh operation to be triggered by the API. Today, users can cancel an ongoing refresh using a contextual button in the Power BI service.

Earlier limitations that constrained cancellation no longer apply. To begin using this feature in your Premium workspace, no actions are required. Please note that for datasets created as part of Datamarts, the refresh operation is governed in the Datamarts details page. Refer to Data refresh in Power BI for more information on this capability.

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