D365 Business Central Bootcamp

From Sat 6th March To Thu 1st January
Make your Business Central Smarter. Simple. Quickly. Cheap.
Dmitry Katson – MVP, Architect, Developer

In this session I will show you the ways of embedding Machine Learning techniques to Business Central extensions. We will cover “AL-Only”,”APIs-Ready-To-Go” and “Custom-Python-Azure-Functions” ways of making Business Central Smarter.

Understanding Business Central Master Data for QUICK Implementations
Paul Soliman – MVP, Chief Executive Officer

Master data is an integral part of Business Central and a successful implementation begins at the master data level. This session will provide an end to end understanding on how to build, upload & scrub the Business Central master data.

Start your learning journey with Dynamics 365 Business Central!
Kamal_Radhakrishnaiah – D365 Solution Architect

Are you planning to start exploring what Business Central is all about ?? Are you already engaged in the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and want to expand your knowledge by learning D365 Business Central ?? Join my session where I share my learning journey with you, resources I use to learn and community forums […]

How to be a hero migrating data to Business Central (without coding)
José Miguel Azevedo – Solution Architect

“The data migration phase of a project can consume up to 30% of the total project resources” Join this session to learn the best practical tips to be a hero migrating data to Business Central. All based on Hands-on method without coding.

Saurav Dhyani – Upgrade Technical Futurist

In this session, we will understand What is required while transition from C/AL To AL Development and why its required. We will cover software required and why each software required.

Power Bookings For Your Small Business (v2)
Raúl Bogajo Medina – Power Platform Developer

The session will cover a practice case of extending Microsoft Bookings functionality with a Power App to track all the scheduled appointments and invoice them in Business Central. We’ll use the Microsoft API Graph, Power Automate, Power Apps, BC Virtual Entities…and a bit of AL code Note: It’s based on the same session I’ll be […]

Steven Renders – Consultant, MVP

As data volume continues to grow, so does the challenge of wrangling that data into well-formed, actionable information. Once you’ve created a dataflow, you can use Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service to create datasets, reports, dashboards, and apps that leverage the Common Data Model to drive deep insights into your business activities. […]

Steven Renders – Consultant, MVP

In this session, you will learn how to connect Power BI Desktop and Dynamics 365 Business Central and use it to create powerful reports. Through various practical examples, you will see how to work with Power BI reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central, combine the data from multiple sources. In the end, we will provide […]

Steven Renders – Consultant, MVP

In this session, we will take you down the road and cover some Power BI advanced topics. Questions we will answer are: – How do I build a good data model? How can I implement an incremental refresh? – How can you link actuals and budgets? – How do I need to fetch data from […]

AL Language: Enums & Interfaces
Tomáš Kapitán – Dynamics 365 NAV/BC Systems Architect

In this session, we will look at how to use enums and interface properly. Enums are full replacement of the Options data type and together with Interfaces can create a powerful, extensible environment.

AL Language: Coding for performance
Tomáš Kapitán – Dynamics 365 NAV/BC Systems Architect

Microsoft brought much new functionality in the last versions to increase the performance of the system; however, the core of all usual performance problems are linked to the way, how extensions are developed. In this session, we will look in detail on the following topics – Table Extensions objects – Partial Records (Loaded Fields) – […]

Manage your Supply Chain Execution by Advance Warehouse Management System
Bandam Sairam – Dynamics365 Enterprise Consultant

Session provides Warehouse Management System Features & Capabilities with tangible benefits to an organization, which specifies all the operational functionalities and advance tracing of product placed in multiple locations as well as with same location in several Zone & Bin configuration. Session plan will include following information . 1. Introduction with capabilities and advantages of […]

Designing “extendible” extensions with AL
Stefano Demiliani – Microsoft MVP, MCT, CTO

Creating a solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central means embracing the “extension’s paradigma” and if you want to create a customizable solution, you need to respect patterns for extendability. In this session we’ll see how to write code for Dynamics 365 Business Central that can be extended by using events, patterns and new features like […]

Dynamics 365 Business Central-Financial Entries
Bandam Sairam – Dynamics365 Enterprise Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Financial Entries

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Product Management
Bandam Sairam – Dynamics365 Enterprise Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Product Management Managing product(i.e., Item) by definition by defining variants & Tracing out the exact entries by using Tracking the inventory by LOT, Capturing information according to lot and it’s Expiry with all the configurations and setups. All information must be traced for each transaction.

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