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Customize the conversation table for your business needs

Organizations in different industries need to visualize their customer interactions in different ways. With customized columns in the conversation table, organizations can enable agents to quickly summarize the purpose of the interaction, and they can associate conversations with leads. The ability to customize the conversation table improves agent productivity and creates positive customer outcomes.  

Improve agent productivity and CSAT with conversation table customization 

When agents converse with customers, the Active Conversation form helps capture the details of the interaction. And consequently, supervisors and other agents can easily understand it. 

Ana is a customer service agent at Contoso who works tirelessly, juggling multiple customer problems over chat throughout the day. After every conversation with a customer, she patiently reviews her interaction, summarizes the issue, and writes wrap-up notes. She wishes there were a better way to quickly capture the outcomes of customer interactions and move on to serve other customers instead of spending time wrapping up the conversation.   

Dynamics 365 Customer Service does not have an out-of-the-box solution to serve her needs. However, admins can now customize the conversation table to help agents like Ana wrap up cases more quickly. Conversation table customization now supports adding columns, charts, views and connecting conversations to leads or any other activity-enabled table. 

Now that the conversation table is customizable, contact centers can tailor the agent experience to business-specific use cases like Ana’s. When the conversation table is customizable to Ana’s needs, she can save time, serve more customers, lower wait times for customers, and leave them happy with Contoso’s service.  

Create positive customer outcomes by associating leads with conversations  

Contoso enabled Conversation disposition as a custom column on the conversation table and added it to the active conversation form.  

Olivia, a Contoso customer, contacts Contoso support over webchat. She wants to find out why she was charged full price for her coffee subscription instead of the promotional price. The agent assigned to address Olivia’s concern, Ana, checks with her account team, and rectifies the error. Ana quickly wraps the conversation by specifying “Pricing dispute” disposition instead of having to write elaborate notes. Ana or any other agent connected to Olivia in the future can quickly get the context and complete interaction history through dispositions instead of having to go through one note after the other.

With the ability to view service and sales data in a single record, Ana can pitch a special offer to Olivia and associate a lead to this conversation immediately in the same form. Contoso’s sales team can follow up with Olivia subsequently through the lead.  This single source of information offers a true end-to-end customer experience without having to juggle between sales and support lines.  

Contact center supervisors can review interactions like Olivia’s pricing dispute or other dispositions and take appropriate preventive measures based on aspects of the conversation such as volume or sentiment.  

The use cases for customization are truly limitless and best left to the imagination of our customers and their business scenarios.  

Customize the conversation table 

Now you can extend the conversation table just like any other Dynamics 365 table from the customization experience in Power Apps. Use the Regarding column to associate any activity enabled entity to Conversation. You can create additional columns, views, and charts. This feature is enabled by default for all customers with our April 2023 release wave.  

Customize the conversation table in Power Apps

Learn more

Watch a quick video introduction.

To find out more about conversation customization in Customer Service, read the documentation:

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