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Currency and Exchange Rate fields in a Dynamics 365 CRM entity | [Quick Tip]


Ever noticed why some entities have Currency (transactioncurrencyid) and Exchange Rate (exchangerate) fields and some don’t? Here’s why –

Default Scenario

Here’s what you see when you create a new custom entity –

  1. By default, if you notice – there are not Currency or Exchange Rate fields in this newly created custom entity.

When Currency and Exchange Rate fields are created?

So, here’s when the Currency and Exchange Rate fields are created –

  1. When you create your first Currency type of field in the entity as show below, the Exchange Rate (exchangerate) and Currency (transactioncurrencyid) fields are created in the entity –
  2. That’s why you see Currency and Exchange Rate fields in some entities and not in all.

Hope this quick tip helps you in some way!

Thank you!

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