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CRM User Adoption Simplified: A Guide to Using Dynamics 365’s User Adoption Monitor

CRM User Adoption Simplified

CRM is essential for an effective sales process. It helps businesses streamline workflow, maintain data quality, boost sales productivity and performance, eliminate manual tasks, etc. But to get the most out of your CRM investment, it is essential to ensure high levels of user adoption.

Low user adoption can lead to ineffective CRM implementation, lost revenue, and increased technology costs. To ensure high levels of user adoption in your organization, having a CRM adoption strategy is a must.

An effective CRM adoption strategy should focus on capturing user feedback and creating training and support programs based on individual users needs. According to a recent poll conducted by Inogic, 100% of people believe user feedback is the best way to assess CRM user adoption.

Time to explore Dynamics 365 User Adoption Monitor App by Inogic. It monitors and tracks user actions like Read, Create, Leads Qualified, Opportunities Won, and much more in Dynamics 365 CRM on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The app also measures the amount of time a user has spent in each CRM entity record. With these valuable user adoption insights, organizations and teams can create personalized training programs to boost CRM adoption.

According to a survey, 70% of businesses prefer personalized guidance and training to improve CRM user adoption rates.

In this blog, we will explore how the User Adoption Monitor app, with its amazing features, can help develop an effective strategy for increasing User Adoption:

  1. Gain User Activity Insights:

    • Track Actions: Leverage User Adoption Monitor app to track various user actions like Create, Update, Delete, and Login/Logout across CRM. Analyze these actions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Identify any discrepancies or low activity areas.
    • Monitor Login/Logout: Track user login durations to understand overall CRM engagement. Look for users with minimal login time or inconsistent activity patterns.
    • Check-in/Check-out Details: Identify which users are actively working on records. This helps assess user performance and task completion times within specific timeframes.
  1. Set User Goals and Track Progress:

    • Target Tracking: Utilize User Adoption Monitor’s target tracking to set specific and measurable goals for each user. Targets can be based on the number of actions performed or the aggregate value of fields within entity actions. This promotes user accountability and drives desired behaviours.
  1. Maintain Data Quality:

    • Utilize User Adoption Monitor’s “Datacompleteness” feature to define mandatory fields for specific entities. This ensures complete and accurate data entry. In cases of missing fields, users receive alerts encouraging them to complete the record.
  1. Act Based on Insights:

    • Targeted Training: Based on user activity and login data, identify users who might need additional training or support. Focus training content on areas with low activity or incomplete data entry.
    • Personalized Coaching: Use check-in/check-out details to identify users who are potentially struggling with specific tasks. Provide personalized coaching or mentorship opportunities.
    • Incentivize Goal Achievement: Recognize and reward users who consistently meet or exceed their assigned targets. This reinforces desired behaviours and encourages continued engagement. By combining User Adoption Monitor with Gamifics365 app by Inogic, you can track user activities as well as gamify CRM processes and reward users in the form of points or badges.
  1. Continuous Monitoring and Refinement:

    • Regularly Review User Activity: Track progress and analyse user adoption trends over time using User Adoption Monitor’s comprehensive reports, leaderboard, and dashboard.
    • Gather User Feedback: Conduct surveys to understand user needs and pain points regarding CRM usage.
    • Refine Strategy: Based on ongoing data and feedback, refine your User Adoption strategy. This may involve adjusting user goals, tailoring training programs, or addressing emerging user challenges.

By leveraging the useful insights of User Adoption Monitor, you can significantly increase Dynamics 365 CRM user adoption within your organization.

This will lead to a more productive workforce, improved data quality, and ultimately, a greater return on your CRM investment.

There is much more to User Adoption Monitor app’s useful feature than this.

Excited to test the app – Download it today for a 15-day free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

For any information related to effectively tracking user activities within Dynamics 365 CRM or a personalized demo of the app, feel free to reach out to us at crm@inogic.com.

Until then, keep monitoring CRM implementation with a breeze!

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