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Create your first custom Copilot for Customer Service Hub – Part 1


Now, if you already have Copilot Studio in your Organization or have created a trail [Start your Copilot Studio Trial], you might be looking to build your first Copilot. Here’s how you can do it –

In this example, I’m creating a Copilot to help new Customer Service Reps at the organization to search and seek help about the organization itself quicker.

Create your Copilot

Here’s how you can start building your first custom Copilot –

  1. In your Copilot Studio environment, you must be seeing this New Copilot button in Copilot section. Click that.
  2. Here’s you need to start describing the Copilot you are looking to create. This is optional but recommended to do so as first step. It’ll ask you some questions on the context of the Copilot which you are looking to create.
  3. After it gathers some information from you, it’ll summarize what the Copilot is aimed to do.
    Now, once done you can click Skip to Configure to go to the next step.
  4. Further, you can name the Copilot and then start adding Knowledge by adding sources where the Copilot will source information from.
  5. Some of the most common ways for the Copilot to source knowledge from is from website and SharePoint data itself.
  6. In this example, I’m sourcing some information about whitepapers from thecompany’s website itself.
  7. Now, once this is ready, I’ll further proceed to Create the Copilot itself once relevant Knowledge links have been added as required. Once done, click Create.
  8. Now, once the Copilot is created – it’s ready to be configured further or even ready to be Published if nothing else is to be added at this point.
    You can scroll down in the details section and find that the Copilot is ready to be Published.
    Note that based on the Copilot settings for Channel, it’s only available to Teams at first – but you need to configure for other channels – like Customer Service Hub [in this case]
  9. Now that this is published. –
  10. Your Copilot is now ready!

In the next blog, we’ll review how we can connect to the Customer Service Hub! I’ll paste a link in this area!

Hope this was useful!

Thank you!

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