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Create Project Plan using Copilot in Project Operations


Now that you must have enabled Copilot for Project Operations [If not, you can refer this post to learn how you can enable Copilot for Project Operations – ]

Note: Please note that this is a Preview feature at the time of writing this post and hence, not recommended for Production usage.

Enable Copilot For Project Operations

First, you need to ensure that Copilot is enabled for your Project Operations environment – Enable Copilot for Project Operations

Once this is enabled, you’ll be able to see Copilot on the ribbon button on the Project. Let’s look at the same in the below section.

Task Plan

Now that you have Copilot enabled for Project Operations, you can now create Task Plans for a Project in Project Operations –

  1. Before you proceed to trying to create a Task Plan, the Copilot in Project Operations will look for data on the Project record such as the Description of the Project, Start Dates, End Dates etc as reference point in order to understand what type of Tasks are to be created.

    The sample Description I put for this Project is – “This project will be a 3-month implementation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations with integration to F&O system. This project will involve developers to design, architect, develop code, test and deploy the same.

  2. Once Project details are in place and the Project doesn’t have a Project Plan yet. It should look something like this and having Copilot button on the ribbon visible.
  3. If you expand the menu, you’ll see that it has an option called as Task Plan. Click on it and it’ll begin processing operations and show loading screen while it processes in the background.

    And the loading screen will keep showing messages like Computing, Collecting, analysing etc.

  4. In a few moments, it’ll process successfully and you’ll see Tasks being generated in the Tasks pane on the Project. Note that it’ll only segment into tasks and sub-tasks based on the Description and Start/End Dates – it won’t assign anyone or estimate any hours.

Here’s Microsoft Documentation on how the Task Plan feature works. Please note that this in Preview at the time of writing this post – https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/release-plan/2023wave1/finance-operations/dynamics365-project-operations/generate-project-plans-using-project-manager-copilot?WT.mc_id=DX-MVP-5003911

Hope this post was useful!

Thank you!

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