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Coming soon: Changes to the Power BI service – simpler navigation, improvements to lists on Home, and style updates

We continue to iteratively improve experiences that help you find relevant content and return to your work in the Power BI service. Upon hearing your feedback, conducting usability tests, and running successful A/B experiments we’re sharing the following changes coming to all users in early June 2022. Here’s an overview with more details below…

  • Navigation changes – Browse
    The left navigation links for Favorites, Recent, and Shared with me full page lists will be combined under a new Browse navigation link. The ability to search and filter those lists remains, but we have added new filters as well.
  • Changes to Home – In-page list improvements
    The Recent, Favorites, and My Apps lists on Home now show all content for those lists, not just the first 12. We also added filters and the ability to search those lists in-page.
  • Style updates
    Power BI styles (colors, icons, fonts, and more) will be updated to align with the Fluent design system (see more below).

Introducing the Browse page:

Screenshot of the new Browse page in the Power BI service, with a sub-navigation for the Recent, Favorites, and Shared with me lists

Browse simplifies the left navigation and includes all the lists previously available as a sub-navigation: Favorites, Recent, and Shared with me. And it’s easier than ever to find content in these lists with a new experience for filtering by keyword and improved filtering by content type, time, and owner.

Screenshot of the new Browse page in the Power BI service, with filters shown for filtering by file type, when last opened, and endorsement

If you previously used browser bookmarks for the Favorites, Recent, and Shared with me pages you will be forwarded to the new Browse view for each.

Of note, the Browse page will also be available in the Power BI personal app for Microsoft Teams.

Screenshot of the new Power BI personal app for Microsoft Teams, with the new top navigation shown featuring the new Browse page

Don’t have the Power BI app for Teams yet? Get it at the link below:
Add the Power BI app to Microsoft Teams – Power BI | Microsoft Docs

We’re excited to bring you all your content for Recent, Favorites, and My Apps on Home without the need to visit full page lists for all your content. Plus, we’ve added the ability to filter by keyword, content type, time, and owner – previously found on full page lists only. Fewer clicks for returning to your work!

Screenshot of the Power BI service Home page showing the improved lists for Recent, Favorites, and Shared with me. New filters are expanded, showing the ability to filter by file type, last opened, and endorsement.

Still prefer full page lists? No worries, visit the Browse page for the full page lists you’re used to.

Updates to colors, icons, and typography throughout the user interface align the Power BI service with the direction set by Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge as the Fluent design system is implemented across all products and services.

Screenshot of the new Power BI service with style updates made. New colors, icons, and font are shown in a closeup of the header and left navigation.

We’re announcing these changes early so you can prepare to support your users and update documentation. But we also look forward to hearing what you think in the comments below. Changes made are based on your feedback and testing with users (some of you mentioned on Twitter that you were a part of the Browse navigation experiment) and we will continue to iterate based on what we hear from you and observe. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

The Browse navigation changes, improvements to lists on Home, and style updates will begin to roll out the first week of June 2022 and targeted to be available to all by June 10th. We’ll show in-product notices to educate users the first time they encounter the change.

Updates to Power BI documentation for getting around the Power BI service will be made at the same time.

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