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Recently I was asked by one customer on how they can assess or check the performance of Dynamics CE as they were having some network outages and issues. I remembered that I used a tool earlier for checking my Dynamics CRM On premise engagement. So after checking for online version as well, got to know that we can use in the same way to find the performance for the online CE instance as well. You can follow as below…

To run the Diagnostics tool, you have to follow these steps.

  1. On the user’s computer or device, start a web browser, and sign in to an organization.
  2. Enter the following URL, https://myorg.crm.dynamics.com/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx, where myorg.crm.dynamics.com is the URL of your organization.
  3. Click Run.

The report displays a table with test and benchmark information. Of particular importance is the Latency Test row value. This value is an average of twenty individual test runs. Generally, the lower the number, the better the performance of the client.

In this way you can track your Dynamics CE performance at a given point of time to assess your network latency and bandwidth behaviors.




Author: Pavan Mani Deep Y

Technology geek who loves sharing my leanings, quick tips and new features on Dynamics 365 & related tools, technologies. An Azure IOT Enthusiast….

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