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Change in variable naming in RSAT version 1.200.30624.5 affects existing tests

The RSAT July release (1.200.30624.5) contains a breaking change that was necessary to enable key functionality. Unfortunately, this change cannot be undone; undoing it will block other scenarios. Here’s a description of the change and how to work around it.

The naming convention of some RSAT variables has changed (Variables that appear in the Microsoft Excel data parameter file). This affects the numerical suffix used in the variable name. For example: A variable name changed from Variable_SystemDefinedFilterManager2 to Variable_SystemDefinedFilterManager1

What test cases are affected?

Task recordings that use the filter control to search for a value in a gird or list and copy this value as a saved variable.

Here’s how you can work around this:

  • Copy the old Excel file to a different location than the RSAT working directory folder (for example, copy it to C:temp Folder)
  • Open RSAT and regenerate test automation and Excel files for the affected test cases.
  • Open both Excel files (new and old).
  • Copy the needed variable values from the old Excel file to their location in the new Excel file.
  • Run the tests.
  • Upload to Azure Devops when validated.
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