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Cash flow forecast(inflow/outflow) calculation using SO/PO/Budget in Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-2

This is the part-2 of cash flow forecast series, click here to ready Part-1.

In this blog we will see how different transactions gets created and calculate Cash inflow and outflow and it is presented on power BI dashboards.

Before We start the scenario lets understand how end to end process works , it has major three parts Input (Transactions), Calculation (Process automation) and Reporting using Power BI.

We will cover following scenarios:

  1. Sales order (Inflow)
  2. Purchase order (Outflow)
  3. Budget register entry( using dependent account)

Note : We will see power BI reports using following workspace (Tab-2 cash flow forecast)

Cash inflow calculation (Sales order)

View Cash outflow using Power BI

Cash outflow calculation (Purchase order)

View cash inflow using power BI

Cash inflow using Budget register entry

Note : To view reports on power BI make sure process automation is completed and entity store are refreshed

That’s it for this bog, hope it will help to use Cash flow forecast feature in D365.

Thank you !!! Keep reading and sharing !!!

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