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Cards for Power Apps Enhancements

On March 8, Microsoft made an additional announcement that Cards for Power Apps can be sent automatically via flows using a new connector and an updated Teams connector. The cards authoring experience has also been improved making it easier to design cards that fit our business needs.

So, we not have two options for sending Adaptive cards for Microsoft Teams in Power Automate. We can still use the Adaptive Card Builder that is available via adaptivecard.io, or we can use the Post card in chat or channel action for Microsoft Teams and select Power Apps (Preview) as the Post as option.

In the image below, you can see two different flow that perform similar actions one using Adaptive Cards added to the flow using the Flow bot as the Post as option, while the other is using the Power Apps (Preview) option.

In order to start using connections in cards, we will perform similar actions as we do with Canvas Apps and Custom pages. We will choose Data in the left pane of the Card viewer design and select the Connector that we want to use. At this point in time, only the Dataverse connector is available.

The Power Fx expressions that are available are also still limited, and only include the Set and Collect functions. As with any new feature or product that is released, this is work in progress. It does not seem that this is currently a highly viable option to replace Adaptive Cards, but definitely a feature that I would love to use once it has matured a little more.

To read more about Cards for Power Apps, take a look at the Cards web page below:
Cards for Power Apps overview (preview) – Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

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