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Bring agility, connectivity, and sustainability to the forefront—at Supply Chain Reimagined

Today, many companies face global supply chain challenges. From unexpected demand to ever-increasing fulfillment expectations, the stakes have never been higher. In response, some are looking for new strategies and solutions to help them quickly predict and overcome disruptionsto keep goods moving and their businesses profitable.

Create resilient supply chains with innovative new offerings

Join Chris Capossela and Panos Panay, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, for the Supply Chain Reimagined digital event on November 16, 2022, to explore how to bring visibility, agility, connectivity, and sustainability to your supply chain.

You’ll learn about product innovations, essential insights, and the latest trends shaping supply chains, today and tomorrow. We’ll also take on topics like end-to-end visibility and data connectivity. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how technology is being used to improve both the customer experience and the bottom line. 

And you’ll discover real-world best practices for supply chain resilience from thought leaders, industry experts, and Microsoft customers and partners. Plus, you’ll get valuable lessons learned from Microsoft supply chain leaders across our Xbox, devices, and global Azure datacenter teams as they share the inside story of our own supply chain transformation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in energizing conversations with leading experts about how to overcome today’s supply chain challenges.

Register for the Supply Chain Reimagined digital event today.

Learn how to create a connected, agile supply chain from your existing systems

Many of today’s leading supply chain systems are siloed solutions that don’t talk to each other. Because of that, some can’t handle the complexity of supply chain ecosystems that span providers, manufacturers, distributors, third-party and fourth-party logistics, delivery carriers, and consumerswhich leads to inefficient, reactive supply chain operations.

This digital event is a great opportunity for you to explore an effective solution to traditional supply chain issues. You’ll learn about a composable approach to supply chain transformation, which brings together various best-of-breed solutions on a common platform. You’ll see how to use this modular approach to enhance your existing systemsto deliver faster solutions to urgent problems and help your business become more resilient.

At Microsoft, we believe that a modular approach is key to supply chain resilience. That’s why we’re committed to providing solutions that work with your existing application landscapeto add extensible, scalable, and intelligent technologies that immediately improve supply chain practices, workflow, and value. This boosts agility by giving your teams the ability to quickly rearrange and reorient as needed depending on internal or external factors, like a sudden change in materials or a shift in customer priorities.

Moving from a siloed data infrastructure to a unified data platform is another key to supply chain resilience that highlights the benefits of an open, composable solution. Data is at the heart of supply chain operations and having a system that connects data across disparate systems is a critical advantage. You’ll gain end-to-end visibility across inventory systems, supplier schedules, and inbound and outbound orders, and you’ll empower your workforce to move from reactive to proactive, data-driven decision making throughout all areas of your supply chain.

Getting these essential insights is the first step toward building a connected, agile supply chain for your business. And it’s just one aspect of this information-packed digital event. We hope you’ll join us.

Bring sustainability into focus for your organization

Sustainability is a growing imperative for business as customers, regulators, investors, and employees are all asking organizations to do more to reduce their environmental impact. The pressure for measurable change is on supply chain leaders, as their systems often have the largest environmental impacts due to emissions or resource consumption.

At this digital event, you’ll find out how to build sustainable value chains on a secure, connected platform. You’ll learn from leaders in supply chain transformation how to reframe your strategy around sustainability and gain insights into practices that will empower you to deliver sustainability by design.

You’ll also gain insight into how Microsoft leaders have prioritized sustainability in our own supply chain practices, including building circularity into our design and striving to improve the impact across environmental, social, and governance factors.

Strengthen business resiliencenow and in the future

Finally, at the Supply Chain Reimagined digital event on November 16, 2022, you’ll also get an exclusive look at the future of supply chain transformation and the new solutions that can take you there. In addition to learning how to create an agile, connected, and sustainable supply chain, you’ll:  

  • Get key insights you can act on from thought leaders on topics like customer satisfaction, business agility, and operational efficiency.
  • See what’s shaping supply chain innovation today and tomorrow with real-world best practices and lessons learned from Microsoft and industry leaders.
  • Learn how our customers, including Mitch Arends from the Kraft Heinz Company, are partnering with Microsoft to improve supply chain resilience. 
  • Hear exciting announcements and be among the first to see new product innovations unveiledall designed to help protect your business from supply chain challenges.
  • Ask Microsoft supply chain experts all your most pressing questions in a live Q&A chat.  

Join us on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, from 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8).

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Supply Chain Reimagined

Start reimagining your supply chain for a more agile, resilient future.

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