Azure Integration Bootcamp 2022

From Sat 29th January
Azure Integration Bootcamp 2022
Identities in a Integration Landscape
Mattias Lögdberg - Solutions Architect

Integrations often grow into alot of small services. As more services are added, more keys, secrets and other authetication methods need to be managed. This can be an overwhelming task. Is there perhaps an easier and better way? Yes let's take a look at MSI (Microsoft Service Identity) and how this both makes it simpler [...]

Export data from Dynamics 365 HR to on premise SQL with Azure data factory
Parag Chapre - Technical Solution Architect

In this session, we will see how to export data from Dynamics 365 HR to on-premise SQL Server. We are going to use the Azure SQL database and make transformations there. We will create a type and stored procedures to insert and update data in an on-premise SQL server. By using ADF, we will map [...]

Virtual Entities + Dataflow – Match made in heaven
Sumit Kumar - Solution architect

In this session, we will look at the Integration Approaches- User Interface, Data Integration and Process integration. We Will then deep Dive into Data Integration using Virtual entities & Dataflows to bring external data into System.

Deploying Flutter Web Apps and Springboot Micro-service in Azure Portal using Azure Dev Ops
Roy Donasco - Dev Sec Ops Architect

I will demonstrate how to build Dart+Flutter web application integrated with Springboot Microservice deployed in Azure App Service In this session, participants will learn how the project is prepared in Azure Dev Ops, Define Open API Specification, generate both backend and front end API classes, automatically build and deploy to Azure Static Web Site, and [...]

When my factory and the Azure Digital Twin met
Félix Mondelo - Industry 4.0 Manager

This session is about how to make my manufacturing data travel from an OPC UA server to Azure Digital Twins, where we will see what the OPC Unified Architecture is, how to extract the data from it through Azure IoT Edge modules and how to connect and how represent that data in Azure Digital Twins [...]

Azure Synapse for Integration Developers
Michael Stephenson - Cloud Solution Architect

Azure Synapse is very populate for organisations developing data solutions on the Microsoft platform. If you are not an data scientist or data platform developer you may not be familiar with Synapse so this session will aim to look at Synapse from the perspective of an Integration developer/architect to help you understand what is it, [...]

App Insights and Log Analytics for Integration Solutions
Michael Stephenson - Cloud Solution Architect

When we develop integration solutions monitoring, logging and diagnostics are some important considerations we need to think about. In this session we will look at some common use cases implemented with Microsoft integration technologies and how we can leverage App Insights and Log Analytics to help instrument our solutions effectively.

Building and Deploying your first Azure Static Web App with Angular and Azure Function
Jez Reel Maghuyop - Technical Advisor

In this session, we will explore how easy it is to build and deploy an application using one of the famous javascript frameworks paired with Azure Function as your serverless backend API. I will also show some key features that will help you decide whether Azure Static Web Apps fit your needs.

Building Event-Driven Integration Architectures with Azure Event Grid
Dan Toomey - Senior Integration Architect

In today’s world of ubiquitous data and connectivity, customers expect information to be delivered in real-time and delivered to multiple consumers. Traditional point-to-point integration solutions or polling-based messaging architectures simply cannot meet this demand. Learn how to leverage cloud-based eventing platforms such as Azure Event Grid to push notifications to multiple targets, use intelligent routing, [...]

State of Integration in Azure
Steef-Jan Wiggers - Technical Integration Architect

With the current pandemic the digitalization is ramping up and more business processes run in the Cloud. That means that integrations between systems to support these processes run in the Cloud too. Moreover, that’s what the session will be about!

Integration Design Patterns for D365 FinOps
Poojith Jain - Integration Architecht

Dynamics 365 for Unified Operations has evolved into purpose-built applications to help you manage business functions. This would mean that there would be integration with diverse systems. The session explainsintegration patterns, integration scenarios, and best practices.

Design and development best practices for Azure Logic App
Poojith Jain - Integration Architecht

The session will provide design and development best practices for Azure Logic App-based enterprise integrations.

The secret behind building a reactive Azure Integration Application
Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan - Lead Product Consultant

End-users of Modern applications are demanding. As the creators of Applications, it is our responsibility to innovate and create a reactive solution that meets the need of the users. Microsoft Azure Integration Services abstract the complexities involved and let us focus on the innovation. In this session, let us pick up a real-time scenario, create [...]

Secure your Azure API program!
Toon Vanhoutte - Azure Solution Architect

Within an organization, you typically have a variety of APIs, that are using different standards and security mechanisms. As a result, it is difficult to control who has access to which APIs and API consumers are struggling with the different security handshakes. In this demo-packed session, Toon will explain how you can leverage Azure API [...]

Hybrid Integrations: bring the best of both worlds
Sandro Pereira - Azure MVP

We live in the age of fast digital transformation. Different emerging services appear extremely fast (on-premises, cloud-based, IoT, etc.) resulting in a more heterogeneous IT architecture. A company can rarely choose only one direction, e.g., totally move to the cloud or retain 100% on-premises. Even addressing a cloud strategy, it is not always possible to [...]

Logic Apps: New set of Best practices, Tips and Tricks
Sandro Pereira - Azure MVP

A brand new set of tips and tricks and best practices that you should know for being more productive and building more reliable and effective Logic Apps. This is not an introduction session anymore. In this session, we will go through a list of 10 new best practices, tips, and tricks addressing advanced topics like [...]

Logic Apps: Anywhere, Everywhere
Sandro Pereira - Azure MVP

A walk-thru session on how and where we can or should use Logic Apps and start building fantastic business processes. We will be addressing topics like: what tools should you use: Azure Portal, Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code. What kind of solutions you can create, cloud integration, hybrid integration, or on-premises integration. Along with [...]

Azure security for integration, the Red and Blue Team
Nino Crudele - Head of Security and Cloud Enablement @Hitachi Solutions

In this session, Nino will share his hands-on experience about Azure security for integration, in attack and defence. We will examine technology integration stacks like Logic App, Power Apps, Azure Functions and many others. For each technology, Nino will show the attacks and how to protect these technologies, he will also provide the best recommendations [...]

Enable Natural Interactions using Azure Cognitive Service and Bot Service Integration with Dynamics 365
Devikumari Krishna - Solution Architect

Create Chatbots powered by Azure Machine Learning. Talk about Responsible machine learning pillars - Understand, Protect and Control.

A Case Study – Data Driven Workflow using Azure Data Factory and Logic Apps
Alpa Buddhabhatti - Azure Consultant

In this session, I will provide basic overview of using Azure Data Factory ,Azure Function and Logic Apps . Later I will show demo using Azure Data Factory, Azure Key Vault , Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake .A Case study for moving data from Azure SQL Server to Azure Blob Storage. Also it [...]

Azure Data Factory, Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions
Alpa Buddhabhatti - Azure Consultant

In this session, I will provide a basic introduction of Azure Data Factory, a scalable cloud-based data integration service. Also I will provide quick overview of Azure logic Apps and Azure Function. I will show a Demo to move data from Azure Blob Storage to Azure Data Lake Gen 2. I will provide few alternative [...]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Integrations using Logicapps
Rachit Garg - Senior Manager at PwC

In this session we will see how we can use Logicapps to call Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O integration API's for various integration patterns. We will cover how we can use Logicapps to perform data transformations before pushing data into Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O.

CE & FinOps Integration via Azure Logic Apps
Muhammad Mustajab - CE Technical & Power Platform Consultant

Theoretical Part: Intro to Azure Eco System Azure Logic costing & licensing Hands-on Part: The azure logic app is our go-to when it comes to designing enterprise-level architects. In this session, I will demonstrate how we can integrate Customer Engagement tables with Finance & Operation using Azure logic apps.

Integrations using Service Endpoints & Webhooks
Sachin Lade - Integration Architect / Solution Architect

- Dataverse integration with Azure:- o Registering plug-ins with Dataverse that can pass data to different azure solutions in Cloud (e.g. Azure Service Bus) o Contract establishment between Azure Solution (Azure Service Bus) and Dataverse o SAS authentication model o Demo: Business Scenario - Dataverse integration using Webhook:- o General concept on what Webhook are [...]

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