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Automate ledger settlements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance version 10.0.31, the Automate ledger settlements process feature is available in the Feature management workspace. You can enable the Automate ledger settlements process feature only if the Awareness between ledger settlement and year-end close feature has been enabled.

Ledger settlement is the process of matching debit and credit transactions in the general ledger. Organizations that perform ledger settlement activities on a recurring schedule can now automate the process. During the automatic ledger settlement process, a debit transaction and a credit transaction can be automatically matched only if their amounts in the accounting currency are equal. For example, a debit amount of $1.00 can be automatically matched to a credit amount of $1.00. However, a debit value of $1.00 can’t be automatically matched to two credits, each of which is valued at $0.50. Partial matching of ledger transaction amounts isn’t supported.

Let’s see how it works in Dynamics.

Pre-requisites: Enable feature in feature management workspace.

Step-1: Setup main accounts applicable for ledger settlement process

Step-2: Setup process automation rule for ledger settlement

Step-3: Create rule with required criteria

Step-4: View or manage created rule.

Step-5: Post some sample transactions for running the rule.

Step-6: Make sure batch job is running for automation.

Step-7: View schedule execution and results

Step-8: View settled transactions.

If require you can reverse settled transactions

Microsoft source: Automate ledger settlements – Finance | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn

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