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Event Execution Pipeline Considerations for Dataverse Development

The Dataverse provides a .net development framework and events execution message pipeline allowing to overcome the limitations of certain low code operations to achieve user data requirements. In This session we will review the scenarios when .net plugin development may be required to correctly leverage the various event execution pipelines alongside Pre and Post Image [...]

Dataverse Architecture Masterclass

Dataverse Architecture Masterclass - Considerations when developing enterprise scale business applications with the Dataverse!

Dynamics 365 Vs PowerApps Solution Architecture and Licencing Considerations

As PowerApps moves into the space of traditional Dynamics 365 Business Application scenarios it has been difficult for organisations to truly understand whether they need Dynamics 365 or if PowerApps is sufficient. In this session I will explain the Architecture of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Solutions also addressing feature gaps and licencing considerations to [...]

Crash Course in JSON, Odata and FetchXML to Succeed with Power Automate Development

Crash Course in JSON, Odata and FetchXML to Succeed with Power Automate Development

Reducing .Net Plugin Development with Power Automate

For the past 15 Years iv been responsible for .Net Development required for Dynamics 365 Enterprise projects. In this session I will show you how we can now replace most of your .net plugins and workflow activities using power automate for performing customised operations over complex data relationships, cloning records for Sales Process Automations and [...]

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