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Introduction to D365 Business Central Q&A

New approach to arrange people's workplace for Dynamics 365 Business Central projects using Microsoft Teams. Tasks for Projects and daily tasks, How Microsoft Power Platform can help Business Central users to improve life and make life easier for partners. What benefits can you and your team have if you add Microsoft Viva Products to daily [...]

Lets Create a Productivity Portal for Finance and Operations

You may be familiar with creating a customer self service portal using CRM data but how can you create portals to Finance & Operations with Power Pages? What are the Infrastructure Requirements and Licence Considerations? This session will take you step by step on how to create a productivity portal for Finance and Operations using [...]

Dynamics 365 Q&A

If you work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, you know that you can assign a Person to a User within the system. For instance, a new marketing employee will be assigned to a Marketing Manager. If you work in a big organization that hires a lot of people on a monthly basis, you know [...]

Tips for Automating Processes with Power Automate

A demo of streamlining help desk used in financial services using Power Automate and Teams Planner provided simplified workflows and provided transparency into the inner workings of various support processes. We are going to discuss a recent implementation for a financial services client.

Secure your Azure API program!

Within an organization, you typically have a variety of APIs, that are using different standards and security mechanisms. As a result, it is difficult to control who has access to which APIs and API consumers are struggling with the different security handshakes. In this demo-packed session, Toon will explain how you can leverage Azure API [...]

Event Execution Pipeline Considerations for Dataverse Development

The Dataverse provides a .net development framework and events execution message pipeline allowing to overcome the limitations of certain low code operations to achieve user data requirements. In This session we will review the scenarios when .net plugin development may be required to correctly leverage the various event execution pipelines alongside Pre and Post Image [...]

Dataverse Architecture Masterclass

Dataverse Architecture Masterclass - Considerations when developing enterprise scale business applications with the Dataverse!

Power Platform & FinTech Businesses

Have you ever thought about how the Power Platform can boost your processes? You can use Power Platform and other Microsoft 365 & Dynamics 365 solutions to automate many standard processes with low-code/no-code. With No-Code (and usually also with Low-code), anyone can quickly design robust solutions by dragging and dropping visual blocks of existing code. [...]

Create a solution using Power Platform within Microsoft Teams using Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Power Automate.

This session will be focused on how an end user can leverage Microsoft Power Platform capabilities within Microsoft Teams and create an end to end solution using the same.

Dynamics 365 Vs PowerApps Solution Architecture and Licencing Considerations

As PowerApps moves into the space of traditional Dynamics 365 Business Application scenarios it has been difficult for organisations to truly understand whether they need Dynamics 365 or if PowerApps is sufficient. In this session I will explain the Architecture of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Solutions also addressing feature gaps and licencing considerations to [...]

Dynamics 365 Solution Architecture Best Practices

In this session I will discuss all the new features in D365 Field Service that are part of 2021 RW 1

Power Apps Development Best Practices

In this session, we will take a sneak peek at a few of the cool features released in 2021 release wave 1 plan

Power Virtual Agents Deep Dive

In this session I will demonstrate a real world example by creating Virtual Agent from scratch and deploying in MS Teams.

Crash Course in JSON, Odata and FetchXML to Succeed with Power Automate Development

Crash Course in JSON, Odata and FetchXML to Succeed with Power Automate Development

Reducing .Net Plugin Development with Power Automate

For the past 15 Years iv been responsible for .Net Development required for Dynamics 365 Enterprise projects. In this session I will show you how we can now replace most of your .net plugins and workflow activities using power automate for performing customised operations over complex data relationships, cloning records for Sales Process Automations and [...]

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