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Generate Excel report for Duplicate records in Dynamics 365 for Bulk Merge

I have created the Duplicates Report Generator for Bulk Merge Plugin for the XRM Toolbox to allow you to easily generate an Excel report of your duplicate records including how many fields are populated on each record as well as how...

Bulk Create Attributes in Dynamics 365 using Excel

The Purpose for creating this utility is to allow you to create your Customizations using your Excel Spreadsheet, as excel is often used to create data dictionaries and for capturing field requirements it would be a fast way of...

About receiving the first Dynamics 365 Community Spotlight Award

I am extremely grateful to have received the first ever community spotlight award for my contributions to the Dynamics 365 Community. This is the first award of its kind by the Microsoft Community Team and is a great addition...

About Me

Razwan Choudry is a Microsoft MVP and Technical Solutions Architect of over 15 years responsible for delivering public services with Dynamic 365, Power Platform,Azure and Devops solutions in the UK. Raz is also a STEM Ambassador and founder of 365 Saturday Community and the Mentorship Program.
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Latest News

Preferred Solution | New feature | Microsoft Dataverse

Click on the below image to navigate to my YouTube Channel. Please like and share your valuable feedback on this...
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