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The CustomData feature is now generally available in Power BI!

The capability to pass custom data for row level security is now available in Power BI Premium, Power BI Embedded, and Power BI Premium per User. You can natively utilize the CustomData feature to add row filters that pass...

Announcing: The Power BI app for Microsoft Teams is now available in the US Government Community cloud

We’re excited to announce the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams is available in the US Government Community cloud (GCC). This enables organizations in GCC to use Power BI as a data hub, enables users to find data without...

Visualize your data quickly from Power Apps and Dynamics 365 apps (preview)

We’re very excited to announce a new way to visualize your model-driven Power Apps and Dynamics 365 data stored within Dataverse. With a single click, Power BI automatically generates a set of visuals for you to explore and find...

Visualize data in model-driven apps with Power BI (preview)

Today, we are announcing the availability of Power BI quick reports in model-driven apps in preview. This update combines the capabilities of Power Apps, Power BI and Dataverse in a seamless way to help you visualize and understand your data – with one click. Power BI quick reports add to the flexibility of data visualization options already available in Power Apps. While charts and custom components allow you to create specific, custom visualizations in Power Apps, Power BI quick reports generate a report automatically based on the page context, combined with an understanding of underlying data types, with no prior set up required. Generate insights in Power Apps without losing context of your work To get started, simply navigate to a table’s home page grid in a model-driven app and select Visualize this view command at the top of the page. This button generates a Power BI report based on the underlying view. Any additional filters or column modifications on top of the view are also automatically added to the report to transfer that context from data to visualization. There are several options available to personalize this visualization to help you visualize the data in ways that are meaningful to you. You can close the dialog to go back to the view page to continue your work in the model-driven app from where you left. Enable Power BI quick report visualization in a model-driven app You can enable this capability for a model-driven app through the app’s settings area, available in the modern app designer in preview. Enabling this capability will display Visualize this view command on the grid pages of the tables in the model-driven app. Review documentation to learn more about this capability and the options available to interact with the Power BI visual. Let us know your feedback in comments or on Power Apps community forum.

14 year-old boy digitally transforms a child daycare facility through Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is an app for all developers. Whether you are a citizen developer, or pro developer, IT professional, and even for those who have never developed anything before. Today, we...

Power BI Streaming Dataflows November Update

We are excited to announce new capabilities for Streaming Dataflows in Power BI. As a reminder, streaming dataflows allow authors to connect to, ingest, mashup, model, and build reports but based on continuous streaming, near real-time data. This is done directly in...

Announcing Power BI APIs .NET SDK v4

We are thrilled to announce the release of Power BI APIs .NET SDK v4! The new SDK version provides clarity on the properties of Power BI artifacts returned by various APIs and makes it easier to understand which properties...

On-premises data gateway November 2021 update is now available

We are happy to announce that we have just released the November update for the On-premises data gateway (version 3000.106.11)     Compatible with November PBI Desktop  This version of the gateway will ensure that the reports that you publish...

Power Apps portals as mobile apps (preview)

We are excited to announce the upcoming capability of portals as a progressive web app, enabling makers to enable portals into apps with native app like look & feel right from portal...

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