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Using Power Platform to Extend FinOps Apps – Part 2 – Common Data Service

Using Power Platform to Extend FinOps Apps - Part 2 - Common Data Service

Selling and Shipping in a United Dynamics 365 Prospect to Cash Scenario

the integration between Dynamics 365 for Operations and Dynamics 365 for Sales, including the prospect to cash and what will be shipped out of the box, the Integration Engine - what it does, configuration settings, and roadmap, and finally...

Common Data Service Scenarios for MS Business Applications

A few real-world business scenarios where an applications team has or will use Common Data Services to solve problems for MS Business Applications.

Using the Power Platform to Extend Finance and Operations Apps Part 1

This TechTalk series will provide information and resources that will help you determine when to use the Power Platform to extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps. We will cover use cases for Power Automate, Power...

D365 Commerce Extensions Part 3 – Migrate POS Extension to the new Independent POS SDK

Learn how to migrate the POS extension to the new Independent POS SDK to do seamless POS extension upgrade using the new Sealed installer framework.

D365 Commerce Extensions Part 2 – Commerce POS Extension deep dive with the new Independent POS SDK

In this session we will do a deep dive on how to customize the POS with new Independent POS SDK and how to do a seamless POS extension upgrade using the new Sealed installer framework.

D365 Commerce Extensions Part 1 – Overview of the CRT and POS Extension with the New Sealed SDK

Learn how to develop a Commerce extension using the new SDK and set up a local development environment. In this session, we will walk through how you can use the new SDK to simplify the Commerce development process by...

Dynamics 365 Commerce – Native Analytics

Learn about upcoming native analytics capabilities in Dynamics 365 Commerce. This session will feature sales transactional analytics, E-commerce web activity, omni-channel and multi-source mashups, as well as analytics at POS.

D365 Commerce Extensions Part 4 – Extension packaging and Azure DevOps Build pipeline setup

Learn how to package Commerce extension using the Commerce SDK and setup Azure DevOps build pipeline to build and generate packages for the Commerce extensions. In this session we will walkthrough how to generate packages or installers for the...

Dynamics 365 Commerce – Store Inventory

This talk gives an overview of capabilities available in Dynamics 365 Commerce for managing transactional inventory tasks in the store (receiving, counting/adjusting) as well as how we calculate available inventory information shown in our various order capture platforms.

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