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Faisal Fareed

Finance Operations Integration options Dataverse

A demonstration of how Finance Operations and Supply Chain Management data is getting available in dataverse to perform many business processes without any customization or following no-code/low-code principles. Demonstration will be comprises of Data Integrator, Dual-write, virtual entities, and Business Events.

Organizer for Urdu Hindi Microsoft D365 Bootcamp

Organized the first ever multi language event for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Urdu Hindi bootcamp with 5 tracks and 50+ sessions. These tracks had sessions from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics FinOps, Power Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Setting up Project Operations by using a PSA maintenance case study

Join Esther Lee and Faisal Fareed on setting up Project Operations integration from start and learn what’s new in the project operations along with the integration layer involved to make this work. The integration section will cover the common pitfalls when configuring dual write. Discover the practical features that will help operations teams to manage [...]

MS Dynamics D365 Finance and SCM integrations with CDS, what option to choose and when?

Deep dive session on what option to choose when integrating MS Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply chain Management with Common Data Service and Power Platform. The session will showcase real time scenarios with an end-to-end implementation and make an app or a portal using Finance data. I will also highlight (just an overview not in [...]

How to enable new Microsoft teams – Public Preview!

New Microsoft Teams is just AWESOME, quick but useful post below shows how you have this preview feature to make your life EASY! Open Microsoft Teams admin center and follow path Teams > Teams update policies > Click on...

Electronic Reporting: Send vendor payments to external azure storage via X++

Electronic Reporting module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Operation lets you archive file generated by ER at SharePoint location and in Azure Storage as per this link Archive ER destination type - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn....

Download large bacpac (sandbox database) to DEV environment much faster

As the LCS website gets slower and slower and the database backups get bigger and bigger. Use AZCopy to download objects out of LCS asset library. it is an incredibly quickly vs manually downloading the files (>1min for a gig...

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