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Quickly Create an app in Power Apps using a Dataverse Table

This video will show you how to quickly create an app in Power Apps using an existing Dataverse table. The app will have multiple screens and will allow you to view and search existing records, add new records,...

Achieving personalized engagement in Business to Business organizations

The business-to-business (B2B) landscape looks drastically different than it used to, thanks to digital acceleration that has reached every corner of our lives. Today's B2B buyers, accustomed to fast, frictionless, and personalized experiences in their everyday lives, bring those...

Shaping the future of retail with Microsoft Customer Experience Platform

Today, nothing is certain for brands. Standing still means falling behind. Heritage brands are no different. Now more than ever, brands need to find authentic ways to engage with digitally-savvy consumers no matter where they are. How do brands...

Use diagnostics to optimize unified routing for your call center

When unified routing is running smoothly for your customer service organization, incoming work items are routed to the best agent and the service workload is optimized and efficient. Depending on the needs of your business, the underlying routing infrastructure...

New VAT return with direct submission to Altinn in Dynamics 365 Finance | December 1, 2021

Presenters:  Elizaveta Golub – Senior Program Manager Adam Trukawka – Principal PM Manager ~  During this session we will talk about the new VAT return submission...

Cloud for Healthcare onboarding TechTalk | October 27, 2021

Presenters:  Tom Carrisi - Senior FastTrack Solution Architect ~  This Tech Talk walks us through an overview of the Cloud for Healthcare architecture, as well...

Dataverse for Teams Data Types Overview

This video will walk you through the available data types in Dataverse for Teams at a high level. This will help you understand what Dataverse for Teams can do for you.

Optimize resource management with Dynamics 365 Project Operations

In this video, learn how to optimize your resource management through key resourcing insights, visual scheduling, configurable governance, and skills matching. Learn more: https://dynamics.microsoft.com/project-operations/overview/ Thank you for watching our video! Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from...

Dataverse Quick Create Column

This video will show you how to create columns in Dataverse tables in about 90 seconds. You will learn the columns you typically don't need to change as well as others you can update later. This will help you...

Unlock hidden insights in your Finance and Operations data with data lake integration

You chose Dynamics 365 for your enterprise to improve visibility and to transform your business with insights. Is it a challenge to provide timely insights? Does it take too much effort to build and maintain complex data pipelines?If your...

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