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Security Concepts & Data Access in Microsoft Dataverse

One of the key features of Dataverse is its rich security model that can adapt to many business usage scenarios. This security model is only in play when there is a Dataverse database in the environment. As an administrator, you likely won't be building the entire security model yourself, but will often be involved in [...]

Portal Round Table Q&A Session – Ask the Expert

In this session, you’ll get a chance to interact with the world’s best Portal experts and Microsoft MVPs to get your portal queries resolved. This is the best opportunity for all portal developers to discuss their project requirements, pain points, issues, queries, etc. Round table Portal Experts: Razwan Choudry, Victor Dantas, Arpit Shrivastava, Nick Doelman, [...]

Improve Customer Service using D365 and Power Platform

In this session we will show how to improve customer experience and services using Dynamics 365 and Power Platform utilising Customer Service and Self Service Portals.

Custom Connector in PowerApps Canvas Apps

In this session you'll learn, Fundamentals of Custom Connectors, How to use Custom Connectors in PowerApps and Realtime example of using Microsoft Graph API in Canvas Apps using Custom Connector.

Automation Tips for PowerApps Portals Developers

This session was focused on sharing Automation Tips of PowerApps Portals

Canvas App – Component Based Development

This session would be focusing on- - How multiple app developers can simultaneously work on Canvas App - How to create reusable components for Canvas App - Import/Export components in Canvas App - Best practices to design Canvas App - Advantage of using Component-based development in Canvas App

Azure AD Operations using Microsoft Graph API

This session was focused on performing CRUD operation in Azure AD using Microsoft Graph API

“Earn customers for life” – Customer Service Low Code No Code Solution!

This session was focused on showing the capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Module.

Automate Microsoft Teams Integration with Power Platform

This session was focus on automation of Microsoft Teams with Power Platform Components

Azure DevOps – Automate PowerApps Portal Deployment

In this session I had demonstrated the automation of PowerApps Portals Deployment using Azure DevOps CICD

Become a Master in PowerApps Portal

In this session, I had shared the Integration of PowerApps Portals with Power Platform Components.

Best Practices of Building Canvas Apps

In this session, I have shared the best practices of building PowerApps

PowerApps Portals Development Best Practices

Power Apps Portal Saturday was dedicated to learning how to serve self-service website portals with PowerApps! In this session, I had covered the best practices of using all PowerApps Components.

Azure DevOps & CI / CD Implementation for D365 & Power Platform

This session was focused on setting up Azure DevOps CICD Pipeline for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform along with Automation of unit testing, UI testing and deployment.

Collaborative Development for PowerApps Canvas Apps

This session will guide you to design reusable components in the canvas app and how multiple developers can work simultaneously on the same app.

PowerApps Portals Build Tools – An Azure DevOps Extension to Automate Portal Deployment

 About PowerApps Portals Build ToolsThis tool empowers developers to enable CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) of portal configuration. You can use this tool to check-in the portal configuration to source control and move the portal configuration to any environment using...

PowerApps – Highlight First Record in Canvas App List Gallery

IntroductionHey Everyone!I hope you all had fun and great learning this weekend in PowerApps Developer Bootcamp.I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the Speakers and Participants who generously helped us make this event come together to...

Canvas Apps – Auto populate Option Set value in the Canvas App Form

IntroductionHi Everyone,Hope you are well and staying safe!In today's #PowerGuideTip30, I will show you how to auto-populate or set value in Option set field in Canvas App.I have designed a Canvas App for Event Management purposes, where I have...

Quick guide to use PCF Controls (Custom Code Components) in PowerApps Portals

IntroductionHi Everyone,I hope you are well, staying safe and healthy.Today I am extremely happy to share the recent Microsoft update, that Custom Code Components (PowerApps Component Framework Controls) or PCF Controls are now supported in PowerApps Portals.For those who...

PowerApps – Share Canvas App with External Users

IntroductionHave you ever got a need to share your Canvas App with external organization users? It's a very common business requirement, where you may want to share your app with external users.For example, You are designing a Canvas App...

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