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Audit Expense reports/purchase orders with specific keywords using Audit workbench policies in Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-4

This is the part-4 of this blog series. You can read previous blogs here: Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3

Now in this blog I will talk about the next query type which is “Keyword search”. Evaluate source documents to determine whether they contain certain words. When you select this option, enter the words to look for in the Audit policy rule page. The Audit policy rule page also includes options that let you specify the tables and fields to evaluate for the words you entered.

Let’s understand this by example: Let’s say USMF has policy for expense reimbursement that no expenses for Alcohol, Spa, Yacht should be submitted or reimbursed or may be reimbursed with additional approval. Also, USMF wants to monitor expense related to government activities.

Now this can be monitored or audited using Key word search query type. Lets see how

Create policy rule type

Create Policy

Enter policy criteria

Run batch job to evaluate the policy

View and analyse audit cases

That’s it for this blog.. This was the last blog of this series. Hope this will help you in understating the uses cases for Audit workbench and use this in your projects.

Thank you !!! Keep reading and Sharing !!!

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