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Announcing the retirement of Streaming Dataflows


Streaming dataflows allows authors to connect to, ingest, mash up, model, and build reports based on streaming, near real-time data directly in the Power BI service.  has now merged with Streaming dataflows to provide you all with an even greater experience.

Today, we are announcing that starting mid – March of 2023, we will no longer support the following activities:

Why are we deprecating Streaming Dataflows?

Streaming dataflows has been merged with the Azure Stream Analytics No-code editor. Which provides a superset of all the capabilities of streaming dataflows and more. Azure stream analytics (ASA) supports 10+ input and output connectors and many different transformations to give you an even greater flexibility when working with real time data.

What does this mean for you as a Streaming Dataflows developer?

Streaming Dataflows were powered by Azure Stream Analytics (ASA), and with the release of the Azure Stream Analytics No-code editor, we want to help support your transition to this richer experience.

How long will your data be retained for? 

Our goal is to ensure you have a smooth transition to Azure Stream Analytics (ASA). Therefore, we plan on retaining relevant customer data for up to 90- days from this announcement, in order to help support your migration to ASA.

What should you do?

Good news! You can migrate to Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) No-code editor today. Here is a quick guide on how to get started – Build near real-time dashboard with Azure Stream Analytics no-code editor, Synapse Analytics and Power BI | Microsoft Learn.

Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) No-code editor also supports the production of processed data into Power BI streaming dataset directly to build the real-time dashboard without a separate database. To learn more about this capability, see Build real-time dashboard with Power BI dataset produced from Stream Analytics no code editor | Microsoft Learn.

Please note, Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) No-code editor currently supports Azure Event Hubs as input only. Azure IoT Hub as Stream Analytics input source is not available in ASA No-code editor yet, but it is in the roadmap.

For any questions and help please reach out to pbisdfsupport@microsoft.com

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