Announcing Premium Gen 2 Autoscale Preview

We are excited to share that as promised earlier this week, we started to roll out the preview version of the autoscale add-on capability for Gen 2 Premium capacities worldwide, first announced in November 2021. The enabling update will reach all regions by the end of this week.

The autoscale add-on preview lets you use as much computing power as you need when you need it, by allowing your capacity to grow its amount of cores when the cores it has can’t supply the needs of your business.

With autoscale, unplanned-for usage spikes are guaranteed to perform at their best with no performance degradation due to overload.

Each core added to your capacity via autoscale is added for 24 hours, and is billed through Azure. The price of an autoscale v-core add-on for 24 hours can be found here.

To start using autoscale, go to your capacity’s admin page and enable autoscaling by associating an Azure subscription to charge and a resource group to spin up the additional cores in. You must be a contributor on your Azure subscription to perform this.

As always, review the documentation to learn more about how to enable this new capability

Happy Previewing!

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