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Announcing pipelines delegated deployments (SPN)

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Delegated deployments (preview) for pipelines in Power Platform empowers makers to deploy their business solutions without needing elevated permissions in target environments (like production).  Admins can rest assure their production data and application assets are protected and compliant with organizational least privileged access policies.

​Delegated deployments run pipelines as service principals, or as the pipeline owner (including service accounts).​ This ensures developers of any skill level can request deployments without needing elevated (or any) permissions in target environments. For security reasons, approvals are required – whether automated or manual. This is simple and highly capable with Power Automate Approvals and Copilot powered deployment notes providing pertinent information about the deployment request.​

Delegated deployments has been the top requested pipelines feature since we launched pipelines preview last December. But it’s not about blocking developers, or inhibiting the ROI realized from enabling citizen development with the Power Platform. Rather, it’s about empowering citizen development at scale without sacrificing security or auditability.

We’ve also introduced another pipelines extension with this update. Now you can run custom validation logic before solutions are exported from development environments. Combined, pipelines now offers three gated extensions, opening the in-product deployment capabilities to a wide range of use cases. Similarly, pipelines can be customized with low-code, no-code, and/or pro-code.

We’d love your feedback and look forward to more customers empowering citizen developers while also protecting their production assets.

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