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Announcing Microsoft Teams Webinar integration with HubSpot marketing automation

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their marketing strategies and lead management processes. The integration of HubSpot with Microsoft Teams webinars represents a significant new advancement in this domain for Teams webinar customers, offering a seamless blend of lead scoring and marketing automation capabilities that cater to the dynamic needs of our combined customers. This integration was built using the new Microsoft Teams webinar APIs in Microsoft Graph.

HubSpot, renowned for its robust B2B marketing automation platform, significantly amplifies lead scoring and prioritization, empowering sales teams to identify and engage with high-potential customers effectively. The Teams webinar connector serves as a critical tool in enabling this capability, facilitating the effortless import of data into HubSpot and enriching lead qualification with comprehensive webinar engagement insights. This integration not only fosters efficient marketing and sales alignment but also has the potential to drive revenue growth through strategic targeting and lead nurturing.

This new integration between Teams webinars and HubSpot enables organizations to harness the full potential of marketing events, transforming them into powerful instruments for lead generation and customer engagement. By using the event data generated by Teams webinars, businesses can craft personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with their audience and drive conversions. The integration enables syncing webinar registration and attendance details from Teams webinars to HubSpot marketing events, which can be used to segment contacts in HubSpot. With the integration, users can now:

  • Sync webinar data such as event name, date, start time, end time, organizer, status, and description to HubSpot Marketing Events.
  • Sync webinar activity data such as registrations, attendees, cancellations, no-shows, attendance duration, etc. and display this activity on contact pages.
  • Create new contact records for registrants not yet in HubSpot.

Advantages to deploying the integration

If users have been hosting webinars on Microsoft Teams, historically they may not have had an easy method to import webinar data into HubSpot, leading to challenges in analyzing event performance and contact engagement. Now, users have the ability to sync webinar events and activity data to HubSpot, making it easier to centralize their marketing efforts, create new contacts, and perform data-driven customer outreach.

How can users get started?

For details about how to install the connector for Microsoft Teams events in HubSpot, see Connect HubSpot and Microsoft Teams. When the connector has been installed, users will see a new Webinar Settings tab in the HubSpot integrations/Connected apps available in their settings (within the HubSpot interface).

For administrators in Teams, users will see a Global Settings tab within webinar settings in Teams, from which they can manage account-wide webinars settings including permissions, a global sync toggle, exclusions, and individual user settings.

global settings.png

Users can control their own webinar sync settings via the My Settings tab for webinars they organize. Here, users will see a list of their webinars and can select which ones to sync. Users can also select to sync data from newly scheduled webinars by default.

my settings.png

For a detailed walkthrough that explains how to configure webinar settings, see Connect HubSpot and Microsoft Teams.

After webinar settings are configured, any webinars users choose to sync will generate a marketing event in HubSpot where they can see event-level information, such as the number of registrants, attendees, and cancellations. Properties such as event name, date, start time, end time, organizer, status, and description will sync from Teams to the event record in HubSpot.

all records.png


In addition, event activity will auto-log on the contact pages of webinar registrants. If a webinar registrant is not already recorded in HubSpot, a corresponding contact record will be created.

marketing event attendance.png

For more information about configuring webinars settings, including permissions, see Use HubSpot and Microsoft Teams webinars.

For more information about HubSpot Marketing Events, please see Use marketing events.

Who has access?

This feature is only available to Microsoft Teams integration users whose admins have installed the integration using the Full Install option. If users have the integration installed under the Limited Install option, it needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled under Full Install . For help with the installation process, see Connect HubSpot and Microsoft Teams.


The integration of Microsoft Teams events with HubSpot’s marketing automation platform gives a new additional capability set to Teams webinars as an event marketing solution. By seamlessly syncing webinar data, organizations can leverage targeted, data-driven marketing strategies to enhance lead generation and customer engagement. This integration not only streamlines workflow but also provides valuable insights, enabling businesses to deliver personalized experiences that captivate their audience and drive meaningful interactions.

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