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Announcing: Action bar for interactive reports in the Power BI tab for Microsoft Teams

Bringing data to where teams collaborate empowers individuals to quickly find and use data to make an impact. The Power BI tab in Microsoft Teams enables users to bring interactive Power BI reports and scorecards into Teams channels, chats, and meetings, which keeps more users in the flow of work.

We’re excited to announce that the Power BI tab in Microsoft Teams is getting a new action bar for interactive reports. The action bar enables users to use all the capabilities they have for interactive reports in the service when they’re added to channels, chats, or meetings as tabs in Microsoft Teams. To see the action bar in action, edit the tab settings and enable the action bar or add a new Power BI tab in Microsoft Teams.

This feature has started to roll out and we expect it to reach commercial cloud customers in the next week.

Let’s look at how the action bar works.

New action bar for interactive reports in Microsoft Teams

When you create a new Power BI tab in Microsoft Teams, you’ll see an updated experience. After picking an interactive report, you’ll get the option to Show action bar, which is selected by default for new tabs.

Screenshot of the Power BI tab configuration dialog with the show action bar option selected.

When the action bar is enabled end users see all the options at the top of the report that they have access to in the Power BI service. This makes it easier to use reports without leaving Microsoft Teams. For example, it’s easy to export, share, chat, subscribe and favorite the report. You can even edit the report, if you have permission to do that.

Screenshot of the action bar for interactive reports in the Power BI tab for Microsoft Teams with the export menu expanded.

The action bar also supports personal bookmarks which help users customize the view based on their unique needs. The view modes and accessibility tools help more people in your organization use data easily.

Screenshot of the action bar for interactive reports in the Power BI tab for Microsoft Teams with the personal bookmarks menu expanded.

As noted earlier, the action bar respects a user’s permissions in Power BI. Users can only use the options they’re allowed to when viewing the report in the Power BI service. This means that reports in organizational apps or reports shared to users will show fewer options in the action bar.

The action bar option is enabled by default for newly created tabs where the user chose an interactive report. For existing tabs, users can edit the tab settings to show the action bar.

The show action bar option is not available for paginated reports or scorecards. Those items already show an action bar by default and we haven’t changed that behavior.

We’re excited to see how this new capability helps users get more done with reports added to in their chats, channels, and meetings. As always, we’re eager to hear your feedback. Leave a comment below or add a request to https://ideas.powerbi.com.

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