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“Andy puts the A in AI” 🎙 – The Intrazone podcast

Never take the shortcut to learning, take the Huneycutt!

On today’s episode, we talk with Andy Huneycutt from Upskill Tech about his use and best practices across two areas: AI and Automation; namely his use and experiences with Power Automate and Copilot We delve into his expertise across both, plus benefit from his tinkerings with generative AI – based on practical use working on a children’s book full of AI generated story and characters.

I grabbed time with Andy recently at 365 EduCon – Chicago (Nov.2.2023) to see what he was up to and to ask him a few questions I thought everyone would benefit in hearing his answers – especially when it comes to the practical nature of what you can do and how you can do it (and use it) in the context of work.

Our full discussion is embedded below and now available on your favorite pod’player. Keep scrolling to see a recent, related webinar Andy and his co-collaborator, John Moore, shared on Copilot. And with even-more scrolling, see some of Andy’s prompts and output in playing with generative AI.

The Intrazone, episode 103:

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The Intrazone guest: Andy Huneycutt in s presentation selfie during 365 EduCon – Chicago.The Intrazone guest: Andy Huneycutt in s presentation selfie during 365 EduCon – Chicago.

FYI – related video: “A beginner’s guide to Microsoft 365 Copilot” presented by Andy Huneycutt and John Moore:

[embedded content]

Arrr, a few fun generative AI elements and their prompts Andy shared so you, Matey, can see the mad-AI genius behind the prompts that sure to walk the plank and leap from the Huneycutt Household directly to the Aamazon.com top of the seas, I mean, charts:

The book title: “The Taco-Loving Pirates and the Legend of the Golden Tortilla

The Prompt: “Let’s write a children’s book about pirates that love to eat tacos. Captain Jack and his crew should be cartoon characters based on tropical island animals and marine life.”

Meet Captain Jack – The Pirate Parrot

Image prompt: “3d cartoon parrot pirate captain, tricorn hat, in the style of Pixar, bright vibrant colors”

Image output:

Captain Jack – a parrot-pirate collaboration between Andy Huneycutt and AI.Captain Jack – a parrot-pirate collaboration between Andy Huneycutt and AI.

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The Intrazone, a show about the Microsoft 365 intelligent intranet (aka.ms/TheIntrazone)The Intrazone, a show about the Microsoft 365 intelligent intranet (aka.ms/TheIntrazone)

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