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ADLS Gen2 and Azure Blobs SAS Key Connectivity

You can now connect to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 or Azure Blob Storage using Share Access Signature (SAS) Keys! This option will replace the need to connect through the Web Connector, which can leave your SAS key exposed. This feature will come to PowerBI Desktop in August.

To connect to ADLS Gen2 or Azure Blobs using SAS Keys:

  1. Navigate to powerbi.com.
  2. In your workspace, create a new Dataflow or Dataset.
  3. On the “Choose data source” page, search for your data source (ie. “Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2” or “Azure Blobs”) and select a source.
    On the Choose data source page in the Power BI Online service, search for and select your data source.
    Step 3) Search for and select your data source
  4. In the Authentication kind drop down, select the Shared Access Signature (SAS) option. To retrieve your SAS token, go to portal.azure.com, navigate to your resource, and, under Security + networking, select shared access signature and scroll down to view the SAS token. Paste the value into the box and select next.
    Select Shared Access Signature (SAS) from the Authentication kind drop down and paste the SAS token for the data source. You can get the SAS token from the azure portal. In the portal, navigate to your resource and under security and networking, select SAS and copy the token.
    Step 4) Select “Shared Access Signature (SAS)” from the Authentication kind drop down and paste the SAS token for the data source
  5. Proceed with the rest of the data transformation as usual!

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