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Adding Contacts in Outlook Using Power Automate

Adding Contacts in Outlook Using Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is quickly growing in demand and is currently the highest-adopted automation system in medium-to-large companies. It’s quicker and easier than ever to automate with the new intuitive Power Automate Desktop flow designer using the prebuilt drag-and-drop actions or recording your own desktop flows to run later.  


This blog describes how we add contacts to outlook using automation. This BOT helps users to add multiple contact details simultaneously without spending too much time on this. We are uploading contact details from an Excel sheet and saving it in Outlook.


Before you get started, you need:

1)Power automate Desktop

2) Outlook

3) Excel sheet

Flow of the Bot


Steps Involved in Creating Bot

We want to add contact details to Outlook, here I am using an Excel sheet as a tool for giving input. Create an Excel file with columns as required fields to be filled in Outlook. Let us take random names, their company details, their roles and their mail id, you can add as many details needed


Open Power Automate Desktop => Create a new flow. We can name it “Outlook Contact” and click on create.


  • Our first step is to Launch excel and give the excel document location.


  • In the next step, we want to read details from the Excel sheet and store it in Exceldata


Below Image shows the details stored in Exceldata


  • After these steps, launch Outlook.
  • We use a condition to loop through each row present in the Exceldata.


  • Then in Outlook Select New Items and select Contact


  • In the next step Click on the UI element edit Full Name field


  • We will populate the text field with our required information.


  • Like the above process, we populate for remaining information to be added, Here I added Company details, job roles, mail-id you can add as many fields needed as we did for these things.


Press button ‘Save & Close’.

Then close Outlook.

Run the Flow

As we run the bot, it launches excel and reads the data, then it launches outlook, and it adds contacts automatically.



Open Outlook and in the people option, you can find your added contact details. The below image shows us our added contacts.



Thus, we successfully completed our BOT, This BOT helps us to add contacts without any error and it will be a less time-consuming process, also it eliminates our manual intervention.

I hope you found this blog helpful. Please provide your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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