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Account structure activation performance enhancement


Account structures in Dynamics 365 Finance use a main account and financial dimensions to create a set of rules that determine the order and allowed values when entering account numbers in transactions. Once an account structure is defined, it must be activated. Historically, the account structure activation process has been time consuming. It was also difficult to view the activation progress or to view any errors with the new configuration. If an account structure configuration change caused an error, a user could not find the root error message on the account structure page, but rather needed to dig through batch job logs to find the error message to understand the problem with the new account structure configuration.  

Feature details  

In order to solve these problems, we have recently released an enhancement to the account structure activation process in application release 10.0.31. This performance enhancement lets you activate account structures more quickly by allowing multiple transaction updates to happen at the same time. An added benefit of this new feature enhancement is allowing the structure to be marked as active immediately after it is validated and before the remaining unposted transactions are updated to the new structure configuration. This allows transaction processing to continue while the existing unposted transactions are updated to the new structure.  

To view the status of the activation, select View activation status above the grid on the Account structures page. You can also view the activation status by selecting View on the Action Pane and then selecting Activation status on the drop-down menu. 

Enable the feature 

In order to use this new functionality, enable the feature “Account structure activation performance enhancement” from within feature management.  

Learn more

More information about this feature can be found at this location: Account structure activation performance enhancement – Finance | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn 

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