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7 New Verified Connectors and 7 Updates released in October 2022

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We are happy to announce that in October, we launched 7 new verified connectors and 7 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Content and Files, Data, Communication, Collaboration, Productivity, Business Management, Business Intelligence, and much more. You can view all the details and highlights below.

Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.

New connectors


AIForged is an Intelligent Document Processing solution to complex problems. AIForged can automate the processing and extraction of structured data from unstructured images. The connector provides integration and automation of intelligent document extraction with AIForged.

Visit the AIForged connector documentation to learn more.

Cascade Strategy New 

Cascade is a strategy execution platform that helps business leaders see faster results from their strategy and respond fearlessly to change.
15,000+ teams plan, measure, execute, and adapt their strategies on Cascade.
The Cascade connector allows you to easily pull in the most relevant metrics from your tools to help execute your strategy and keep them up to date with the most recent values.

Christian Gandolfo, Senior Product Manager, Cascade Strategy

Visit the Cascade Strategy New connector documentation to learn more.


Meisterplan is a portfolio-level resource management tool that helps portfolio and resource managers manage people across teams and initiatives whether your work is traditional, agile or hybrid. Use it to make confident portfolio decisions and interactively surface and solve resource conflicts.

Meisterplan’s Power Automate Connector makes it easy to integrate with the tools your teams use and eliminate duplicate data maintenance. This connector will enable the automatic transfer of data into Meisterplan from your other tools.

Karoline Holicky, Director of Product Marketing at Meisterplan

Visit the Meisterplan connector documentation to learn more.

Mobili Stotele 

Mobili Stotele is a mobile virtual PBX service for LMT mobile subscribers. This connector lets users to easily send all the data and events about calls, voicemails, contacts and configuration to other services.

Visit the Mobili Stotele connector documentation to learn more.


PKIsigning is a platform for digital signatures and secure document delivery. Our focus on qualified electronic signatures ensures peace of mind regarding the legal effects of your contracts, agreements, and statements. PKIsigning accepts both PDF and XML file formats and is fully compliant with the European eIDAS regulation.

Our new Power Automate connector enables all Microsoft365 users to combine the power of PKIsigning with the unlimited possibilities the Microsoft365 suite offers. Easily automate time consuming processes such as document creation, getting documents signed, and archiving.

Visit the PKIsigning connector documentation to learn more.


IntraActive Pling Notifications

The ultimate product to notify users via a chat message in Microsoft Teams.

Before using the Pling Connector, add Pling from the Teams Store. You can change the logo and name from Teams Admin and make it match your own company branding and create a trusted and managed channel for notifications. Pling comes with a plethora of features from a user-friendly Teams app.

Use the official Connector for Pling to easily integrate any service with Pling. The connector makes it easy to turn a low-code scenario into a no-code by using templates configured in Pling. This makes it far easier to set up notifications for semi-technical personnel.

Uniquely, Pling allows you to notify across different tenants. Simply notify the guest user and if the home tenant of the user also has Pling installed, they will receive the notification in Microsoft Teams on their home tenant. No more switching between tenants in Teams!

Read more about Pling on the website

Visit the Pling connector documentation to learn more.

RegexFlow Regular Expression 

RegexFlow is the Regular Expression tool for Power Automate users who need to meet compliance requirements for processing of data. (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, etc).

The RegexFlow Power Automate connector enables regular expression functionalities in your Flows using our SaaS service.

This service is free to use after registration and is a great way to test incorporating regular expressions into your Flows.  However, it won’t meet your compliance requirements, as the SaaS service would process your data outside your tenant.

The good news is that you can install RegexFlow as a Managed Application in your own Azure tenant.  See https://regexflow.com for more details.

Visit the RegexFlow Regular Expression connector documentation to learn more.


Updated connectors

There are 7 connectors that have updates:

  1. Connect2All
  2. Connect2All on-premises
  3. DocumentsCorePack
  4. iAuditor
  5. Industrial App Store
  6. Kanbanize
  7. Verified

Below are few of the most significant updates.


DocumentsCorePack brings together document generation, processing and document automation on the Power Platform.

Our Connector supports over 25 actions, such as generate a document, print documents, save to SharePoint, use e-Signature functions or simply attach to an e-mail and many more.
With our easy and intuitive template designer you can create and edit your templates directly in Microsoft Word. A direct link to your Dataverse or Dynamics 365 allows to map the data you need via drag & drop: No programming skills required.

Customers can now use the DocumentscorePack Connector to automate their documents via Power Automate or to add document capabilities to their Power Apps and Dynamics 365.

Whether you need to send sales or service documents, internal reports or contracts for signing, DocumentsCorePack will help you streamline and simplify your document requirements.

Visit our DocumentsCorePack website to learn more

Visit DocumentsCorePack connector documentation to learn more.

Industrial App Store

The Industrial App Store from Intelligent Plant is built on an architecture that enables cloud-based applications and services to interact with on-site Process Data Historians and Alarm & Event Logs. The Industrial App Store Connector for Power Automate allows users to pull Industrial Plant data into their flows.

Our recent update includes a refresh of the possible actions available on the connector, improving accessibility and  making it even easier to create flows that interact with your data.

Visit Industrial App Store connector documentation to learn more.


Кanbanize is enterprise-ready Kanban software for agile project, product, and portfolio management. It provides visibility across all teams, connects strategy with execution, and helps teams deliver faster.

Kanbanize helps you break down large work items into smaller pieces and connects strategy with daily work to bridge the gap between high-level planning and execution.

We have now added an entirely new general trigger to our connector, which will allow you to handle all events that happen on your boards in real-time. There is no need for multiple triggers to handle different events. All actions are caught by this general trigger and can be quickly processed. All you have to do is add a filter for the exact notification you are looking for, and get the card details, to have all the data you might need from Kanbanize. This way, you always get real-time status updates on all moving parts.

Kanbanize automation is even more accessible now. Start your Kanbanize free trial today.

Visit Kanbanize connector documentation to learn more.


Automated and integrated solutions for e-signing enables smoother sales processes, contract management and customer support. The Verified connector supports tasks such as creating envelopes, adding documents, sending documents for signing, managing recipients, and staying in control of where you are in the signing processes. The Swedish SaaS provider Verified offers a wide range of e-signing solutions to global companies worldwide, including highly regulated organizations such as major banks and healthcare companies, and provides an API which enables communication with the e-signing services. The Verified connector is maintained jointly with the Swedish based Power Platform & Dynamics 365 experts at CRM-Konsulterna (CRMK). With the updated connector Notification Method is now supported as well as more statues on Documents.

Visit Verified connector documentation to learn more.

Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.

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